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Women: This “Magic” Fungus Fights Belly Fat

I can almost hear what you’re thinking when you read that headline: “Ew!” - Right? But just let that sink in for a second and you’ll quickly realize, mushrooms are a type of fungus, and you probably already eat them at least occasionally. Well, you may want to eat a LOT more of them as a new study has revealed that mushrooms may be “magic” ... Read More »

How Eating MORE Makes You Slim

You’ve probably been told for years that weight loss all comes down to one simple equation: eat less, exercise more. So you religiously follow that rule, enthusiastically diving into a plan that dramatically cuts calories while increasing your trips to the gym, your number of runs, or whatever type of exercise you take part in. You might get ... Read More »

Five Natural Ways To Fight Cellulite

The bane of many women’s existence is often the dreaded “C” word… cellulite. This dimpled fat, which can cover over 90 percent of women’s lower bodies, may appear seemingly out of nowhere, and causes many a lady to retire her favorite little black dress and mini skirt in favor of longer, more concealing garments. While generally associated with ... Read More »

How Drinking Tea Fights Belly Fat

If you don’t drink tea on a regular basis and are trying to lose weight, it’s one beverage you really should consider stocking up on – and for many reasons. For those that still drink soda (including diet soda) it’s a great replacement to help you kick that bad habit that’s not doing your waistline, or your health, any favors. Even if you ... Read More »

Low on Energy? Add This Superfood to Your Diet

With such a long list of things to do every day, from going to work and taking care of the house to getting the kids off to school and a seemingly endless number of other tasks, it’s no surprise that so many of us are lacking when it comes to energy and endurance. If you’re trying to lose weight and get fit, this can really throw a wrench into ... Read More »

Most Dieters Get This Wrong (3 Things)

If you're looking for a plan that takes you by the hand and walks you through how to achieve FAST and LASTING weight loss, click below... My 7 Day Jumpstart will give you the exact fat-burning recipes, meal plan, and exercise plan you need to jumpstart your metabolism, melt away fat, and lose 7 pounds in 7 days! Click the banner below to see ... Watch Video »

7-Minute Fat-Burning Dinner Recipe

Eating delicious and healthy meals doesn't have to be difficult. Here's a dinner you can make in under 7 minutes that's exploding with flavor!   I'm all about quick and easy recipes that taste delicious...and of course support building lean muscle and burning fat. Plus I've taken out all the guesswork on what, when, and how much to ... Watch Video »