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3 Quick Tips For Thinner Thighs

Tired of your thighs rubbing together? Or not being able to fit into your favorite jeans? These 3 quick tips will slim down your thighs fast! Much love, Danette May P.S. Want me to be your personal trainer to walk you through the exact workouts you need to do to flatten your belly, tone your arms, and drop body fat fast? Join my private ... Watch Video »

How To Lose Arm Fat

Here are some quick and effective exercises you can do at home to burn your stubborn arm fat. No weights, no push ups, no machines, and no lengthy workouts here. Only exactly what you need to target your arms and lose arm fat fast! Much Love, Danette May Want me to be your personal trainer to walk you through the exact workouts you need ... Watch Video »

Spring Clean & Detox Your Body

Danette May, Healthy Lifestyle Expert shares 4 ways to detox your body. There are a few simple steps we can all make that will detox our bodies, jump start our metabolisms, and help us feeling refreshed and ready to conquer our fitness and health goals. 1. Sweat at least once a day for a week. Go for a run, take a spin class, stretch in the ... Read More »

7 foods that BOOST your metabolism

Whether you are sleeping, working, relaxing or exercising, your body is constantly burning calories. That's great news, right? Well, mostly. Let me explain... In order to burn more calories and prevent storing too many calories as fat and extra weight, you need to INCREASE your metabolism. There are some key things you can do to increase your ... Read More »

How to Control Portion Sizes for Weight Loss

Follow these simple and effective guidelines to help with portion control at home, at work, or anywhere! Learning to control portion size is so important for your weight loss success. Much Love, Danette May ... Watch Video »

Lower Abs Workout – Best Exercise to Target Lower Abs

This super effective lower abs workout targets your abs right where you hold the most belly fat. You can do this at home, in your hotel room, at work, etc. Have fun with this and you'll see a noticeable difference in no time! Much Love,  Danette May   ... Watch Video »

Foods That FIGHT Aging

If you are in your mid 30’s or older, aging may be an issue on your mind. Or, perhaps you’re still in your 20’s but are worried about what the future holds for you and would like to take as many preventative steps as possible right now to ensure that you stay looking young for a long time to come. The truth is that while it’s impossible to ... Read More »