This Wonder Leaf Could Control Cancer Cells but it Comes with a Warning

Have you ever heard of Neem? Some refer to it as the “wonder leaf” and you're about to learn why!

It’s a large evergreen tree that grows in India, Pakistan, and similar tropical regions.

It thrives in dry climates and sandy soil, and many think of it as a weed, but it's super useful!

For centuries, people have used Neem leaves to keep bugs away from clothing and food stores, as well as to ward off mosquitoes.

wonder leaf neem leaves

The tree’s flowers and seeds are used in soup and as vegetables.

The tree’s gum contains high levels of protein and the leaves are sometimes pickled as a condiment.

The tree has been viewed as a healing marvel that fights diabetes, kills bacteria and viruses, stops fungus, and prevents pregnancy.

It's also used to treat skin diseases and to improve the strength of hair and liver.

Most importantly, it is being viewed as a possible cure for cancer.

There have been a number of lab studies that have shown that extracts drawn from the Neem leaf have been able to stop cancer cells from growing.

These studies are early, and Neem has not been used in human trials yet.

11 Things Neem (the Wonder Leaf) Does for You

1.  Ulcer cure

The bark of the neem tree has been shown to cut stomach acid.

2. Antiviral

Neem leaf extracts have improved the overall health of patients with HIV.

This isn't the only extract that is more powerful than antibiotics either!

3. Oral Hygiene

Bacteria in the mouth can lead to plaque and decay. Neem can be used as a mouth rinse that kills these germs.

4. Pesticide

Neem kills lice and other pests. It also kills fungi. Neem oil keeps mosquitos away.

5. Skin Cleanser wonder leaf neem oil and leaves

People who suffer from acne have found that neem oil kills the bacteria that cause breakouts.

6. Wound Healer

Neem leaves can be made into a paste to treat bug bites and wounds. It has also been mixed with turmeric, a spice that has anti-inflammatory properties to treat itching and skin diseases.

7. Hair Treatments

Neem oil is used to strengthen hair and promote growth. The leaves can also be boiled in water and the water used as a rinse to fight dandruff.

8. Eye Treatment

An eye rinse can be made from Neem leaves to ease eye redness.

9. Lowers blood sugar

Neem leaves and bark can be boiled and drunk to strengthen the immune system and lower blood sugar.

10. Nausea

Neem’s flowers are said to help intestinal problems, including parasites, anorexia and nausea.

11. Cancer treatment

Researchers have shown that compounds found in the Neem tree can induce cell death in malignant tumors.

It may also prevent cancer from forming and stop it from metastasizing to other areas of the body.

Other studies have shown that Neem can boost the effect of known anti-cancer drugs.

How to Get Your Hands on this Wonder Leaf

If you want to use Neem for cosmetic or medicinal purposes, you should look for high-quality, cold pressed pure oil.

It is usually available online, as well as in Indian specialty stores.

It is very potent, and when used in its purest form may irritate the skin, so it's best to dilute it with coconut oil, mixing in a few drops of a pleasantly-scented essential oil such as lavender or lemon.

Caution is urged before using Neem internally.

Though it may seem like a miracle drug, experts advise that it can have harmful side effects. It is common for people to be allergic to Neem.

This can lead to hives, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing. It can also harm the kidneys and liver if not used appropriately.

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