Wake Up! Here Are My 3 Favorite Morning Rituals!

Ah, mornings. Some people love them, others wish they could start their day at noon. Which camp are you in?


Whether you love mornings or not, they are a potent time of day. How you spend the first hour or two after you wake can steer the way your day unfolds and can affect everything from your mood to your productivity. So it’s best to spend that time really wisely… right?

In this short video, I share with you my 3 favorite morning rituals. They may seem simple, but they are powerful and they’ve changed my life. I think they can change yours, too. Take a watch and let me know which of these morning rituals resonate with you, and also share YOUR favorite rituals. Let’s get to it and have a great day!


Which ritual spoke to you the most? Comment below. And for more healthy and abundant living tips, tune in for my Mindset Monday talks, available exclusively to Fit Rise 365 members. Learn more about Fit Rise 365 right here.


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