Top 4 Tummy Trimming Snacks

What do you consider a snack?

A muffin, an energy bar or perhaps even a side order of fries?

What many people think of as just a “snack,” typically ends up being more of a meal. If you indulge often enough, the pounds can quickly add up.

Snacking is an integral part of a healthy daily diet, but it’s important to make it count when you’re watching your weight.

Just as nutritious meals are essential for fueling your body, so are healthful snacks, which should be made up of whole, minimally processed foods that provide essential nutrients.

Here are the 4 Best Snacks to reach for.

1. Fruits and Veggies

Just about any fruit or veggie makes for nature’s perfect healthy, low calorie finger food. The ideas are practically endless!

For example, slice up an apple, and keep it from browning by putting the slices back into the apple’s original shape and secure it with a rubber band.

Carrots and celery sticks are some of the most obvious nutritious finger foods. If you need a little extra energy boost, consider purchasing organic raw almond butter in individual packets to dip them into.

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Frozen grapes are a great way to indulge in something juicy and sweet. Just freeze a handful of red grapes for five minutes, which makes them deliciously sweet and crisp as well as easy to snack on wherever you might be.

Or, you might alternate cherry tomatoes with pineapple on a skewer. You can get creative and add mushrooms or olives too.

2. Nuts and Seeds

Just a half-cup of pumpkin seeds contains about 14 grams of protein and healthy fats that will keep you going until your next meal.

At Halloween, when you have pumpkin seeds left over after carving your Jack o’ lantern, be sure to make good use of them. Wash, dry and roast the seeds with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Make your own spiced pistachio snack by combining 18 pistachios with a ½ teaspoon paprika, 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper and juice from ¼ of a lime.

If you make a larger amount ahead of time, just split them up into individual, easy-to-take snack bags. These are handy for providing a great energy boost!

Keep it simple by snacking on one ounce of nuts, which is about 24 almonds or 15 walnuts.

Here's one of my favorite go-to snacks…

Veggie Egg White Bites

Veggie egg white bites are incredibly nutritious and don’t take a lot of time to make. You can prepare them ahead of time and put them in the freezer or fridge to save for later too.



♦ Grape tomatoes ♦ Egg whites♦ Spinach leaves 

♦ Black pepper ♦ Mushrooms

♦ Coconut oil ♦ Avocado (optional)

First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and then prepare a muffin tin by rubbing it with a little coconut oil.

Chop up the tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms and then place them into each muffin cup until about ¾ full.

Pour egg whites over the veggie mixture until full.

Sprinkle black pepper over the top of each one, along with a little avocado, if you’d like, for more flavor.

Place them in the oven for 25 minutes.

3. Hard Cooked Eggs

Hard cooked eggs are one of nature’s best portable snacks. They’re packed with protein and antioxidants, helping to easy hunger pangs and improve your health without packing on the calories.

4. Homemade Trail Mix

Make your own healthier trail mix without all that added sugar or salt by combining some of your favorite raw nuts with dried fruit like mango, raisins or pineapple.

So keep on snacking because with the right foods, you will actually boost your weight loss efforts!

Yours in Health,