Top 3 Reasons You Always Feel Hungry (and the fix)

Is eating the only thing on your mind?

Do you catch yourself rummaging through the fridge right after a meal?

If you're always hungry, eating may seem like an obvious solution. You need to look at the bigger picture though.

The truth is there could be a lot of reasons why you're hungry all the time. Don't overeat and pack on the pounds, instead address these issues head-on and stay healthy.

Top 3 Reasons You're Constantly Hungry

1. You're Counting Calories

always hungry notebook and tape measure with apple

This is number one on the list for a good reason! When you're counting calories you miss out on essential nutrients.

For instance, eating a quarter cup of assorted nuts is not the same as polishing off a bag of chips.

The calories may be the same, but the nutrition is miles apart.

Instead of a refined, packaged food like chips, choose a fistful of nuts. They have many goodies.

Nuts are high in vitamins and minerals, which give you energy. Being high in fiber, nuts stabilize blood sugar and thereby suppress hunger.

The chips are just empty calories which leave your body hungry for nutrients. If you want to count something, here's what you should count.

2. You're Getting Too Much Salt

It may seem like there is no connection, but there is an active link. Eating too many salty foods increases your sugar cravings.

You're more likely to reach for sugary foods after a salty meal to please taste buds. The resulting blood sugar fluctuations followed by insulin lows and highs cause weight gain.

3. You're Not Sleeping Enough

When sleep deprived, the brain's food reward center gets activated. Because of this change, the brain seeks out more food which results in overeating. So beware of your sleep habits.

A meta-analysis of studies showed that sleep-deprived people eat more on an average.

Don't let these things stress you out. By the way, stress is another thing that makes you always feel hungry.

Luckily, there are simple ways to beat hunger. Follow them as a golden rule; you will soon start eating normally.

3 Ways to Curb Hunger

1. Eat More Fiber

Fiber comes from fruits and vegetables. It doesn't have nutritional value, but it's full of therapeutic effects. Fiber helps you lose weight, stabilize your blood sugar and reduce food cravings.

2. Include healthy fats

Be sure to add healthy fats to your menu. Coconut oil, clarified butter (ghee), and omega-3 fats are great ways to improve gut health.

They improve the feeling of satiety and keep hunger at bay. Also, they come with a ton of benefits that will enhance your health.

3. Choose only wholesome foods

Remember, my example about nuts vs. bag of chips?

Keep that in wholesome food on table always hungrymind. Every time you reach for a snack ask yourself if you're choosing a wholesome food.

Stop counting calories and start counting the nutrients in your food choices. Once this becomes a habit, you will notice fewer cravings and better mood too.

So when hunger strikes, strike back with the above strategies. You'll be able to manage your hunger level better and get it under control.

One last note, be sure you're eating small meals every few hours.

You should be eating 6 times a day (3 meals and 3 snacks) so with that plan, you shouldn't have much time to feel hungry in between.

This may seem counter-intuitive if you're trying to lose weight but on the contrary, frequent meals boost your metabolism.

Yours in health and happiness,


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