This Overlooked Food Group Controls Cravings and Blood Sugar

If you're looking to lose weight, there's one food group you don't want to overlook.

People tend to shy away from legumes in favor of pure protein sources (like chicken) coupled with pure carbohydrate options (like brown rice.)

These can be healthy options and may help with weight loss but legumes offer special benefits you can’t afford to miss out on.

Here are a few things to know.


Food Cravings 

Food cravings, as you’re likely well aware of, can put the breaks on your diet effort. When one strikes, especially if you happen to be hungry, it can be challenging to resist.

Legumes to the rescue!

In one study 42 adults were assigned to a 6 week study. They either consumed a diet low, medium, or high in legumes. The study concluded that diets rich in legumes controlled food cravings better and as such, the subjects lost more total body weight.

Getting cravings under control is vital for your success and legumes can help you do this.

Total Food Intake 

Another benefit that legumes have going for them is the fact they are higher in resistant starch. This is a form of starch that is not as easily broken down by the body and as such, won’t cause you to absorb as many calories.

Those who have diets rich in this form of starch tend to not gain as much weight despite eating a similar calorie value.

Resistant starch is also excellent for controlling blood sugar levels, lowering the appetite and improving insulin sensitivity.

The best sources of resistant starch include

  • white beans
  • lentils
  • chickpeas
  • kidney beans

Protein Plus Carb Combo 

One benefit of legumes that you can’t overlook is that unlike many sources of complex carbs, these contain both protein AND carbohydrates.

This makes them ideal for fat burning since many people aren't getting enough protein in their weight loss plan.

Protein itself is going to boost weight loss success.

It helps

  • combat hunger
  • promote the maintenance of lean muscle mass tissue
  • and it also has a higher thermic effect of food (meaning you’ll burn more calories digesting and breaking it down compared to other foods.)

One study put subjects on either high protein diets, high legume diets, a fatty fish diet, or a control diet. It was the legume diet and diets rich in other sources of protein that lost the most weight.

So all in all, you can’t overlook the importance that legumes bring to a fat loss diet plan.

Not sure how to serve them?

Try adding some legumes into

  • soups
  • casseroles
  • into an omelet
  • tossed over your leafy green salad
  • blended up and prepared into baked recipes such as muffins or breads.

For instance, pureed chick peas add moisture you need  in baked foods. That means you can cut back on the fat-rich ingredients, like butter.

However you choose to do it, just do be sure that you get legumes into your plan today.

Yours in Health,


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