Top 10 Reasons You Should Eat More Ginger

 Ginger is one of my all time favorite spices. I add it to everything! I put it in my smoothies, soups, stir fry and teas (I'll share my recipe later).

It has a long history of use as a remedy for digestive issues as it soothes and relaxes the intestines.

Ginger adds zest to any recipe and it's super good for your health.

It's one of the safest remedies to end nausea and vomiting. It's so safe that it's often recommended for pregnant women to help with morning sickness.

Here are 10 stellar health benefits you'll get from ginger.

1. Anti-inflammatory & reduces pain

Ginger fights inflammation. It's good for problems like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Anti-cancer

Gingerols are the components in ginger that fight cancer cells. It gives its unique pungent flavor. Gingerols prevent the growth of and kill cancer cells.

3. Detoxifies & protects liver

Ginger, protects the liver from toxins like ethanol and carbon tetrachloride. If you take prescription or over the counter drugs, you definitely want to add Ginger to your diet.

4. Helps with weight loss

Ginger generates heat in the body and increases the metabolic rate.

It's a useful component of a weight loss plan as it helps suppress appetite.

5. Improves digestion

Ginger is a carminative, meaning it eases gas and is used to treat digestive issues. It stimulates the secretion of digestive juices, bile, pancreatic and intestinal juices.

6. Antioxidants

The majority of the ginger extracts are polyphenolic compounds which are strong antioxidants.

7. Immune booster

Gingerols and shagols in ginger help boost the body's immune defense. They increase the number of  T- lymphocytes and other immune cells to fight cold and flu virus.

8. Heart health

Ginger extracts lower bad cholesterol levels and slow plaque formation.

9. Improves circulation

It is a stimulating spice that helps blood circulation. The warm sensation that happens after drinking ginger tea is proof. The warmness generated inside opens the pores of your skin and allows you to sweat. This improves the blood flow to the entire body.

10. Helps blood pressure

Ginger opens up the blood vessels carrying blood to the heart and the rest of the organs. This eases the need for high pressure to pump the blood to various organs.

How to Use Fresh Ginger

Fresh ginger is better than dried ginger powder because it is more flavorful. Fresh has more active anti-inflammatory agents than the dried form. Choose fresh, mold-free pieces of ginger.

The color of the ginger flesh is red, white or yellow, depending on the plant variety. Yet, varieties have a tan brown outer skin.

The thickness varies depending on how early it was harvested.

4 Ideas To Get More Ginger 

  • Grate ginger on rice and pasta dishes to improve digestibility.
  • Use fresh cut ginger pieces in green smoothie for an anti-inflammatory boost.
  • Use ginger paste in preparing rice risotto dishes, and vegetables cooked in coconut milk.
  • Ginger is available in other forms – dried, pickled, candied, crystallized, powdered or ground.

My favorite way to enjoy ginger is as a tea, a perfect drink to soothe and heal!

ginger tea

Yours in Health,


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