The Spicy Skinny on One Spice That BLOCKS the Formation on New Fat Cells

When it’s time to season your food, we all know that we should skip the salt shaker (unless it's real sea salt).

But did you know that several studies have suggested that we should do the exact opposite with the pepper mill?

It turns out that piperine, the main substance found in black pepper, may be an effective fat-fighting weapon. Piperine is also what makes pepper spicy.

Scientists have found some remarkable health benefits that come from black pepper.

It’s known to:

  • increase nutrient absorption
  • reduce inflammation
  • offer hope to vitiligo patients (the skin disease that some know as “Michael Jackson disease”)

Some studies have even shown that black pepper can help prevent cancer!

The Science of Pepper and Piperine

A new study has reported that it might be able to block fat cells before they form.

The study only looked at mice cells in a lab, and the pepper compound was 100 times more concentrated than what's on your table. It's still promising because it reduced fat in the bloodstream.

And this study doesn’t stand alone.  

    • In 2010 a study added black pepper to the diets of mice that had been forced into obesity. This ended up shifting the amount of visceral fat in the mice’s bodies. Visceral fat is the belly fat that gives us an apple shape and increases the risk of heart disease. Scientists concluded that Piperine was the thing that made the healthy difference.
    • Adding a small dose of piperine to lab animal diets was tested in an Indian study in 2011. The results were just as encouraging. Cholesterol levels went down, and so did fat mass and body weight.
    • And in 2013 a study showed that piperine regulated metabolism by lowering inflammation.

With all these health benefits, it’s no wonder that black pepper has been so valued for centuries.

The spice – which is only native to India – was traded back as long ago as 1000 B.C., and was even used as a commodity.

Black pepper was so highly prized that finding a cheaper way to get it was one of the reasons for Christopher Columbus’ journey.

So how can you get more black pepper in your diet?

Try this Strawberry Pepper Smoothie:

2 cups strawberries, hulled

1 cup fat-free Greek yogurt

handful ice cubes

juice of ½ orange

1 tsp black peppercorns, crushed

5 mint leaves, finely chopped

Put the strawberries in a blender with the rest of the ingredients. Once smooth, taste and add more orange juice or more pepper if desired. The pepper really elevates the flavors of the other ingredients too!

It’s easy enough to start adding more black pepper to your diet – just reach for the pepper mill and use it freely.

Yours in health,


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