This Popular Superfood Reduces Sweet Cravings

Popeye the Sailor man was on to something big!

The iconic cartoon spinach lover was lean and strong for GOOD reason!

Spinach is well known for its nutrition value.

It's low in calories but super high in crucial vitamins! Spinach offers a ton of vitamins A,C, and E.

It boasts powerful minerals like

  • iron
  • magnesium
  • copper,

And has a LOT of antioxidant carotenoids – betacarotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

Spinach is well known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer effects as well.

You probably know some of these benefits but you may not know that spinach can help suppress appetite.


Scientists have learned that eating spinach can help curb your appetite and aid weight loss. Yes, you read it right; weight loss!

The Science of Spinach – natural appetite suppressant

Research shows that a compound called thylakoid in spinach can help reduce hunger pangs.

Thylakoids are sac-like structures in plant cells. They hold the pigment chlorophyll, which creates the green color of leaves.

Studies on humans showed that thylakoids acted on three appetite-signaling hormones.

Firstly, thylakoids increased the levels of cholescystokinins (CCK). These are the hormones that tell you are full.

Secondly, it lowered gherlin (hunger hormone) that makes you feel hungry.

Lastly, it increased the levels of leptin, the hormone that regulates fat stores in your body. Leptin is also responsible for the food intake between meals.

Thylakoids also help maintain stable blood sugar levels. This helps reduce sweet cravings and keeps hunger at bay.

Now that you know spinach's striking effects on your appetite, let's see how you can maximize this benefit.

Practical tips for using spinach thylakoids

Spinach, is versatile and can be used in

  • salad
  • pizzas
  • smoothies
  • stir fries
  • as a party dip and pretty much every food you think of adding.

6 Spinach Quick Tips

1. It's available year round. If you can't find it fresh, frozen spinach works great too.

2. Spinach loses some nutrients after a week. If you aren't going to eat spinach every day, buy a smaller pack.


3. There are at least 3 varieties of spinach in the market. Smooth leaf, crinkly dark (savoy) and curly type – all supply the same amount of nutrients.

4. Short of time? Pre-packaged baby spinach is a great option. It saves on cleaning and chopping time. It comes pre-cleaned, but be sure to give a good rinse before consuming it.

5. Spinach cooks down a lot! A tightly packed cup of fresh spinach yields less than half of a cup when cooked.

6. Spinach and its thylakoids won't prevent you from overeating. You'll still need some self-control!

Feeling constantly hungry can hinder your weight loss goals. The best solution is to consume foods that can keep you full longer.

Spinach with its fiber-rich, nutrient-dense composition and hunger appeasing benefits is a right choice. It's not the only food with appetite suppressing benefits, so make sure to choose from a wide array of fiber-rich greens.

This will provide you with enough thylakoids that can help suppress appetite.

As a bonus, you'll also be eating foods that offer many other beneficial nutrients. This will help regulate your body weight so you can reach your goals!

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