You know what I love about January?…

Well I do love the snow and cozy fires too, but what I REALLY love is how focused EVERYONE is on their health this time of year.

I wish every week was like this!

So many people asking for healthy recipes and tips or ways to improve workouts is what I LIVE for and January feeds my passion!

Almost everyone I've talked to has been making smoothies and they are really an ideal way to get a super nutrient rich snack in and high protein snacks like this will help boost your metabolism too!

Why not enjoy a healthy smoothie every single day.

green protein smoothie recipe

Nutritional Information: 1 drink = (1/4 cup fruit, ¼ cup veggies, 2 oz. protein)

My family LOVES this recipe and I hope you and your family do too!

Yours In Health,


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