Skinny Guacamole Deviled Eggs

I just love the Easter holiday! A celebration of rebirth and new life that brings families together.

Yes, I eat that traditional pineapple glazed ham just like most people and I don't have one bit of guilt as I enjoy every single bite.

We can't forget about the gorgeously colored eggs that are a staple at any Easter get together and my family always has a plate of deviled eggs on the holiday table. I like to bring this more colorful and healthier version of them and believe me, no one ever misses the mayo.

I have shared this recipe with many of my friends over the years and I want to share it with you and your family today. Just like all of my recipes, this one is quick to whip up and full of not only flavor, but plenty of nutrients as well.

Danette May Recipe Skinny Guacamole Deviled Ingredients Recipe

Hope you enjoy the weekend no matter what you are celebrating!

Yours in Health,


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