7 People Who Should Avoid Keto

The ketogenic diet has been around for a while now. It's a high-fat, low-carb way of eating. It works by forcing the body to use stored fat cells for energy.

Some people love it and think it is a foolproof way to lose weight. Others (like yours truly) say that it's not a good choice because it's unhealthy.

There are pros and cons to the keto diet. One thing is certain: there are some people who have to stay away from it because it would be a recipe for disaster.

7 People Who Should Never Even Try Keto

1. You're Pregnant or Nursing pregnant women need nutrients should avoid keto

When you're pregnant or nursing, your body needs more nutrients to stay healthy and support your baby. The high-fat, low-carb keto diet has a high risk of causing changes that can cause harm.

It can invite anemia, dehydration and changes in your hormones. It can also make you constipated and can stunt your baby’s growth.

When you're pregnant or nursing, you and your baby need more protein and fiber than the keto diet provides.

2. You're Diabetics or have Unstable Blood Sugar

The way that the keto diet works makes people who follow it prone to low blood sugar, especially at the beginning.

Though people who have diabetes will benefit from losing weight, the keto diet is not the right way for them to do it. The diet can interfere with medicines that your doctor may have prescribed.

3. You have Adrenal Fatigue or another Thyroid Problem

When you cut your carbs down to the low levels prescribed by the keto diet, it can make your thyroid problem worse.

Even people who are healthy find that the diet leads to trouble sleeping, brain fog, and mood shifts. When you add this to the problems introduced by adrenal fatigue, it’s a recipe for disaster.  

Always check with your doctor before making a dramatic change to your diet, especially to the macronutrients that you're eating.

4. You're Underweight or have a History of Eating Disorders people with eating disorder should avoid keto

The keto diet can bring about rapid weight loss. Though this may be a good thing for people who have a lot of weight to lose, it's not smart for people who are already underweight.

If you have a nutritional deficiency or need to gain or maintain your weight, the nutrients provided by the keto diet are not enough to keep you healthy.

5. You have Kidney Disease or Get Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a known risk of the keto diet, so if you are prone to them, this diet is not a good idea for you. It can lead to calcium buildup in your bloodstream and in your kidneys.

6. You have One of Two Rare Enzyme Diseases

Even the biggest cheerleaders for the keto diet know that people who have been diagnosed with “pyruvate carboxylase deficiency” or “porphyria” need to stay away.

If you have either of these diseases you already have a hard time metabolizing free fatty acids. The keto diet can put you in real danger.

7. You LOVE Pasta brown rice pasta people should avoid keto

Let's face it. MOST people love carbs (and they are NOT the enemy) and the idea of giving up pasta for good is simply not sustainable for most. There are plenty of healthy pasta options and even little hacks to make it better for you.

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