Controlling Blood Sugar – It’s not Just for Diabetics

So you're not diabetic? Count yourself lucky…for now. 

If you’ve been working to drop the pounds and it hasn’t been working, you might want to take a closer look at your blood sugar levels. That may be the reason your efforts aren’t working.

You may think that blood sugar is only a problem for people who are diabetic, but that’s not true.

control blood sugar insulin resistance weight lossWhat is true is that people who are diabetic have a pretty good chance of being overweight – in fact, 80% either have too much weight on them or go all the way to being obese. There’s a good reason for that.

Once you start down the road of being overweight, you run the risk of having insulin resistance. When you’re insulin resistant, your body’s cells stop responding to the hormone insulin.

Insulin is there to help your body convert the energy from its food to fuel. When that process stops working, sugar builds in your bloodstream.  

When your body sees extra blood sugar, it sends a signal to make more insulin. The whole thing becomes a vicious cycle, and you end up storing that extra sugar as fat.

If this process makes you feel like you’re waging a hopeless battle, there’s good news. You can stop the cycle by losing weight.

But if your blood sugar levels have climbed too high, you need to be smart about how you go about it.

4 Tips to Lose Weight by Controlling Blood Sugar Levels

1. Snack Smart and Snack Oftensnack nuts control blood sugar weight loss

To fight blood sugar hills and valleys, you need to keep eating. That may sound like a recipe for weight gain, but not if you’re smart.

Eat small portions all day long, and make sure that the snacks you’re eating are healthy. Pack easy to eat snacks like fruit, cheese or nuts.

2. Balance Your Nutrients

You need to take in carbs, fiber and plenty of healthy protein. That’s how you’ll stay strong, avoid hunger pains, and keep going all day long.

Greek yogurt with nuts or fruit is always a good choice. Just make sure it is the unflavored, unsweetened type.

3. Exercise

exercise controls blood sugar weight lossThe more you move, the more your muscles will take in glucose to your bloodstream without needing insulin to make it happen.

Keep doing it and watch insulin sensitivity improve. Make sure that you’re getting a good mix of aerobic activity and strength training. More muscle burns more calories and here's why.

4. Cut Down on Stress

It may sound crazy, but the more stress you feel, the less insulin your body makes. It also boosts blood sugar levels.

To reverse that process, add stress relieving exercises like meditation or yoga to your daily schedule.

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