Asian Leaf Relieves Pain & Anxiety, Controls Diabetes & Blood Pressure

Many of the worlds' most talked about natural remedies have been used for centuries, and this is especially true of Pandan leaves.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure or anxiety, you're going to like what I share today!

Pandan is a tropical plant that grows in southern Asia. It has a sweet smell and bright green color, and it is used as a flavoring in drinks and desserts.

The leaves are also used to wrap foods such as rice or chicken in the same way that banana leaves can be. Pandan is also ground into a sweet paste that can be used in baking.

Top 10 Healthy Uses for Pandan Leafs

1. Stress reliefPandan leaf tea table health benefits

Many people use Pandan leaves to make a tea that relieves anxiety. Yes! How easy is it to sip on a nice hot cup of tea?!

Wash down these foods that ease anxiety with a cup of Pandan leaf tea.

2. Pain relief

Pandan tea contains plant alkaloids that help reduce joint pain, headaches, and earaches. The tea can be sipped or mixed with coconut oil to make a soothing cream that eases arthritis.

It's one of many all-natural painkillers you can find in your kitchen.

3. Gum pain

Inflammation of the gums can be soothed by chewing Pandan leaves. The leaves can be fresh or dried.

4. Mosquito repellant

An extract made of Pandan is good at keeping biting bugs away and has none of the harmful side effects of DEET.

5. Stomach crampswoman bloated Pandan leaf health benefits

Drinking Pandan tea can help relieve bloating and stomach cramps.

6. Regulates blood pressure

Drinking Pandan tea can lower high blood pressure and keep it under control.

7. Detoxification

Pandan tea is a powerful detoxifier. One or two cups a day will help clear waste from the body.

8. Stops dandruff

Pandan leaves can be crushed into a powder and mixed with water. This can then be rubbed into the scalp to get rid of dandruff.

9. Sunburn reliefsunburn relief Pandan leaf health benefits 3

A concentrated brew of Pandan tea can be added to a bath to relieve the pain of a sunburn. Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so here are some tips on sunblock and an all-natural sunscreen recipe you can make.

10. Controls Blood Sugar

Of all the health benefits that Pandan leaves are known for, perhaps the most important is its ability to control diabetes. The symptoms of high blood sugar can be very sneaky too!

A 2015 study looked at the impact that an extract from Pandan leaves has on blood glucose levels.  30 people were asked to drink Pandan tea after glucose loading. The test showed that the tea was able to keep sugar levels steady.

The scientists behind the study intend to study the leaves further and may create a new diabetes drug from the extract.

Where to Find Pandan Leafs

You can buy Pandan leaves at any Asian market. They are available either fresh or frozen.  You can also buy Pandan paste online.

To make 2 cups of Pandan tea:

Rinse 3 of the leaves and cut them into thin slices

Add the cut-up leaves to 3 cups of water

Boil until the water has been reduced to 2 cups


To give your tea an extra health boost, make it using both Pandan and lemongrass. Lemongrass is another Asian plant that has similar healing properties. Combining the two gives the tea a fresh, bright flavor and boosts its medicinal effect.

Yours in health and happiness,


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