3 Tricks to Avoid Holiday Binge Eating (And Still Feel Festive)

Between the tinsel-wrapped storefronts, gift packages adorned with glossy ribbon, and snack spreads piled high with sugar and spice, the holiday season is filled with dazzling temptations. 


Though the holidays can be a joyous time, often obligations pile up and family tensions are triggered, causing emotional eating that may lead to low energy, mood swings, and weight gain. To avoid holiday binge eating, consider these holiday eating tips and self-nurturing ideas to make healthy choices:


1. Give yourself a supportive pep talk during a special event.


You know the holiday office party will feature heavy hors d’oeuvres, a six-course meal, and an open bar, so plan ahead to help you avoid temptation. If you have a major sweet tooth, for example, bring a healthy dessert to add to the spread, like our festive Berry Yogurt Bark, and remind yourself of your personal goals throughout the evening. As needed, repeat to yourself: “I may be tempted, but I am in control. I can handle this.” 


2. Set yourself up for success and focus on special details instead of caloric meals and treats.


Holiday foods tend to be heavier than most meals, as they’re commonly made with rich ingredients like white sugar or heavy whipping cream. Before heading out to a special holiday event, enjoy a salad packed with fibrous greens and fresh fruit to help you avoid consuming fat-laden foods. Instead of focusing on the meal and drinks served throughout the night, truly savor the company, decorations, and spirited atmosphere.


3. Maintain healthy sleep and monitor your emotions.


Fatigue and stress can foster overconsumption, so it’s important to get adequate sleep and stay in tune with your feelings. Without a good night of sleep, the hormones that regulate hunger, leptin and ghrelin, can overstimulate the appetite, causing you to reach for foods that may satisfy a craving but won’t satiate your stomach. Additionally, try to begin and end each day by checking in with yourself. If you are overwhelmed about an upcoming work deadline or feel anxious about the small talk you’ll have to make during your partner’s holiday office shindig, take a moment to recognize the healthy habits you’re forming and give yourself praise for choosing to focus on your well-being this holiday season.

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