If you want to lose weight, and especially if you are using one of my clean eating plans to get there, you are going to LOVE this recipe!

Many of my regular readers already know that my plans count mushrooms as a ‘free' food. Meaning there's no need to keep track of how many you are eating if you are using my meal plans.

That applies to raw mushrooms and uncooked is the best choice but every now and then I like to change it up and make this easy side dish. You still want to count the oil for your daily fats and the onion for your daily carbs if you are using one of my clean eating plans.

This is one recipe that will really help you stay full while staying right on track to reach your goals. These are so delicious too, I snack on these all the time!

balsamic mushrooms and onions recipe

This hearty dish can be served as a side, a topper for chicken and beef or simply enjoyed as a snack.

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