Family Adventure to Gili Air Island

I'm so excited to share my family's adventure to Gili Air Island in Indonesia.

This island has no motor bikes or cars. Everything is operated by horse drawn carriages or bikes. We had such a great time the wifi was also in the stone age.

I enjoyed traveling via boat to this beautiful island. You can always find healthy options so you feel amazing on your trip. I was amazed at all the healthy food options we found.

Some of the main meals that I forgot to film where plates of fresh snapper with grilled veggies and a side of rice. Breakfast was pretty standard of egg white omelets, bacon and a side of toast. I didn’t eat the toast as it was not very good, but I made up for it by finding amazing smoothies and Acai bowls on the island.

Enjoy the video and look for the second part of our adventure on the island to be posted soon!

Yours in Health,


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