Don’t Fall For These 3 Common Weight Loss Fads

Tempted to try the latest and greatest miracle weight loss plan?

Before you rush into a diet plan that seems too good to be true, make sure you learn the most common fad diets and why they fail.

By knowing this, you can side-step these doozies and spot a fad diet when you see one.

3 of the most common fad diets and how they fall short.

1. The Blood Type Diet 

The blood type diet is based around eating certain foods that work best with your blood type.

Why is this a fad? It cuts out entire food groups. For instance, if you have type O blood, you need to avoid wheat and dairy. While you don’t necessarily need wheat in your diet, and dairy isn't necessarily the best source of calcium, it should be a red flag when a meal plan eliminates entire food groups.

Those who are type A blood are required to go vegetarian, which could set them up for muscle mass loss if they aren't paying close attention to protein intake.

All in all,if a diet is based on anything besides nutrition, you know it’s likely not a wise choice.

2. Milkshake/Cookie/(Insert Food Here) Diets

Then you have the diets where you get to eat the one food that it seems everyone craves. It might be the peanut butter diet, the milkshake diet or the cookie diet.

The idea here is the diet makes room for that one food you truly want.

Why is this a fad? Usually, these diets are low in calories (to make room for you to eat that higher calorie food its based around), and aren’t going to give your body with the nutrition it needs.

Worse, they may train you that it’s okay to constantly be eating unhealthy foods. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying an unhealthy treat every now and then but you don’t want to get into the habit of doing so daily.

3. HCG Diet 

The last fad diet you’ll want to avoid is the HCG diet plan. This one has you taking a supplement – HCG. It's the same hormone that pregnant women make to use fat as a fuel source.

The makers of this diet claim the supplement will help burn significantly more body fat.

Why is this a fad? It's coupled with a low energy diet plan. The problem is that it doesn't give you the optimal level of nutrition to meet your needs.

And it's true that pregnant women make this hormone but it’s not going to impact non-pregnant women in the same way. This diet offers false hope.

If you do lose any weight, it’ll be from lack of food. And with the way the diet is set up, it’ll likely be lean muscle mass you lose, not body fat.

These are only three common fad diets that are out there right now. The list of fad diets is endless.

So what should you look for in a solid weight loss plan?

How To Spot A Diet Plan That is Healthy And Will Work

A good diet should:

  • be based strictly around good nutrition
  • be focused on eating fresh, whole foods 90% of the time
  • allow for enough energy and nutrients to support a healthy body long term
  • have you moving your body

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