8 Big Benefits of a Safe, Healing Detox

Question: How have you been treating your body lately?


Have you been eating nothing but healthy, organic foods, or have you been stress-eating or indulging in a few too many treats? Whether you’ve been following a perfectly healthy diet or have a few regrets, you can’t go wrong by doing a detox.

Detoxes are amazing for pushing the “reset” button on your cells, but not all detoxes are created equal. You want to choose a detox plan that is safe and backed by science. A smart detox will focus on ridding your body of toxins without starving or punishing your body. Done right, it will give you lots of energy and make you feel much better. In fact, here are eight ways a safe, effective detox can help your body:


1. Clear out harmful chemicals


The most important benefit of a detox is that it gets rid of chemicals and pollutants your body has stored in its cells. Without a targeted release mechanism, these toxins can stay in your body for years.


2. Protect against serious illness


Toxins that build up in your cells cause all kinds of damage. They can change your gene structures and lead to mutations that may lead to cancer. They can also cause inflammation that leads to heart and brain diseases. Doing a detox helps your body fight these effects by clearing out some of the poisons within.


3. Boost your body’s ability to fight back


Your body’s immune system is built to fight back against all kinds of illnesses, but toxins can weaken this system. Getting rid of built-up toxins may help build your immune system back up.


4. Release excess body fat


When toxins build up in the body, they slow the metabolism so it is less effective at burning fat. Getting rid of toxins may help restore the body’s ability to release stubborn body fat.


5. Slow the aging process


Much of the body’s aging is related to inflammation caused by free radicals and heavy metals. Detoxing frees the body of those hindrances and makes it more effective at absorbing important nutrients.


6. Increase energy and feelings of wellbeing  


Most people who go through a detox admit they hadn’t realized how bad they were feeling until they’d gotten rid of the toxins in their body. A detox can also help get rid of headaches and other discomforts. It may help you sleep better and may even boost your mood.


7. Improve hair and skin


Your skin reflects your overall health. Breakouts and dullness present before your detox will clear up and be replaced by clear, smooth skin that glows and hair that is strong and shiny.


8. Clear your mind and lift your mood


One of the most remarkable outcomes of a detox is the peace of mind it can bring. People who have cleared toxins from their cells report feeling happier and more in balance.

If you’re not sure whether a detox is right for you, you can take other steps to clear out toxins. Try to sweat at least once a day. Avoid white sugar and foods that are processed or packaged. And always, always drink lots of water! 



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