7 Things Your Fingernails and Hair Can Tell You About Your Health

Have you noticed a change in your hair or nails lately? Even a small change could be a sign of health problems.

The hair on our head and nails on our fingers and toes are basically skin – just a modified version of skin.

Our hair and nails each have their own important role too.

Both are made of keratin, and are important messengers about our overall health. If you haven’t been paying attention to your nails and hair, it’s time to start.

7 Things Your Hair & Nails Can Tell You About Health

We'll start with your lovely locks

1. Hair loss

This can be a sign that you’re feeling stressed.

Though we all lose between 80 and 100 hairs a day, if you’re losing more it could be a sign of either psychological or physical stress.

Sometimes this is a matter of hormonal stress caused by pregnancy or menopause. Sometimes it is a reflection of depression. And sometimes it is a result of physical illness.

2. Brittle or Dull Tresses

You may not be getting enough nutrients from what you are eating.

The best response is to focus on eating more whole foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Dull hair can also be caused by slashing too much fat out of your diet. Increase your intake of Omega-3 acids by eating avocados, salmon, and olive oil.

3. Mustache on a Mrs.  

Ladies, hair growth on your upper lip and hair loss at the crown of your head can be a sign of having too much testosterone.

This often comes from belly fat. The best response to this is to cut out refined sugar and exercise regularly.

Your Nails Can Tell a Health Story too

4. Nails Break or Bend Easily

This can be nothing more than a normal sign of aging.

BUT…They're also common in people who need more vitamin A, vitamin C or biotin.

Eating whole eggs or fresh fruit like oranges and grapefruit can help.

5. Nail Beading

This is when ridges run up and down the length of the nail.

It looks like candle wax dripping down a candle. It can be a sign of changes in your body’s hormones.

It can also be caused by thyroid problems, diabetes or stress. If you see this on your nails, it is a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor and have some testing done.

6. Deep Indents -Left to Right Across the Nail

This could be the results of an injury.

BUT… if you haven’t slammed your finger in a door, you may want to check in with your doctor. This can be a sign of diabetes or the result of having been very sick and having a very high fever.

7. Spoon Nails

If your nails look like they have been scooped out from the top, and a drop of water sits on top instead of sliding out then you have spoon nails.

Spoon nails are a sign you are not getting enough iron. It can also mean that you have heart disease or an underactive thyroid gland. Again, a doctor’s appointment is a good idea.

So pay attention to the signals your body sends. Listening to and trusting your body is a big part of loving the body you live in!

Yours in Health,


P.S. Please pass this info. on to others and I welcome your comments below. Do your hair and nails show any of these signs?