5 Risks Of Carb-Free Dieting

Want to lose weight and thinking about going on a low carb (or no carb!) diet plan? You might want to reconsider.

While many people rave about these diet plans, they really aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

Sure, you’ll see some short-term results while you're on it, but know that you'll gain a lot of the weight you lost right back.

Worse, you'll set yourself up for health problems down the road.

5 reasons you should rethink a low carb diet plan

1. Lack Of Fiber 

Whenever someone goes on a low carb diet, they immediately notice their fiber level plummeting.

Dietary fiber is critical for

  • keeping your bowel movements regular
  • helping to balance your blood sugar levels
  • helping to reduce your risk of heart disease by keeping your cholesterol in check

If you aren’t getting dietary fiber, you’ll find you feel hungry sooner after each meal you eat. This makes it harder to stick to your meal plan.

Studies back this up as well.

One study noted that women in the top 20% of dietary fiber intake had a 49% lower risk of major weight gain than did women in the bottom 20%.

The right types of carbs provide a rich source of dietary fiber, so it’s one nutrient you can’t cut out.

2. Low To No Energy

Planning a workout later on? Don’t count on it if you haven’t had any carbs. To do intense exercise, your body needs carbs.

It’s the glucose from the carbs that give you energy for intense muscular contractions, so don’t try and go without them.

If you do, you can rest assured your workouts will suffer.

3. Metabolic Sluggishness 

Here’s something you might not know about low carb diets: they cause your metabolic rate to plummet.

Your carbohydrate intake is closely tied to your leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone that helps regulate your metabolic rate.

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When leptin levels drop, as they rapidly do on low calorie, low carb diet plans, you’ll start burning fewer and fewer calories every day. If you’re burning fewer calories, this means slower weight loss results.

4. Low-Carb Brain 

If you’ve ever been on a low carb diet before, chances are good you’ve experienced ‘low carb’ brain. It’s the cloudy, almost confused state that lack of carbs leaves you in.

This is because your brain relies mostly on glucose for fuel. Once again, when carbs aren’t coming in glucose isn’t being delivered.

You’ll find your focus, motivation, and memory are all on the decline when you shun carbs in your plan.

5. Lack Of Nutrients

Finally, let’s not forget the fact that if you aren’t eating carbohydrates, you're going to be missing out on key nutrients your body needs.

Carbohydrates – especially fresh fruits and vegetables – supply your body with a good dose of vitamins and antioxidants. Your body needs these things to be at it's best

Cut carbs and you’ll struggle to get these in. Even if you eat the healthiest varieties of proteins and healthy fats, you’ll still miss out. These foods simply don't give you the wealth of nutrition that carb based foods provide.

So keep these points in mind. Make sure that you strongly consider keeping some good carbs back in your meal plan. Not only will you see better fat loss results, but you’ll be in better health as well.

Focus on sources like

  • oatmeal
  • sweet potatoes
  • brown rice
  • quinoa
  • beans and lentils

Keep your intake to around 100-150 grams per day for the best weight loss results.

Yous in health,


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