4 Powerful Reasons to Pop Open a Pomegranate

Have you noticed that pomegranates are in season now? Those bright red seeds sure are tempting!

Yet, the thought of prying open a pomegranate to get to those edible seeds can be intimidating. If you've been avoiding pomegranate for this reason, you've been missing out on some serious goodness.

First, you're missing on the burst of sweet, juicy, tart flavors in your mouth. So delicious, you need to eat it to know what I am talking about. The second thing is you will miss out on it's long running list of health benefits. This includes, fighting cancer to improving your brain health.

4 Reasons Pomegranate is a Super Fruit!

1. Powerful antioxidant

Pomegranate contains punicalagin, a unique antioxidant that offers positive health effects.

The juice of pomegranate has greater antioxidant power than red wine or green tea.

Eating antioxidant rich foods help prevent premature aging, damages to cells, and prevents diseases.

2. Guards your brain

It's antioxidant effect and the nutrient content helps your brain health.

Pomegranates have high levels of polyphenols, which protects nerve cells in your brain.

Researchers found that pomegranate polyphenols reduced amyloid, a type of protein in Alzheimer's subjects. This improved both brain function and behavior in early studies.

3. Cancer- fighter

Studies show that pomegranates have anti-tumor effects.

The compound, punicic acid, from its seed oil blocks breast cancer growth and multiplication.

These seeds contain aromatase inhibitors, which can inhibit the over production of estrogen. Over production of estrogen increases the risk of breast cancer. Pomegranate seeds block this activity.

Another study showed that pomegranate juice slows the growth of prostate cancer cells. Drinking pomegranate juice lowers the PSA levels, a factor that leads to prostate cancer.

4. Good for your heart

Pomegranate's phytochemicals block the oxidation of bad cholesterol.

Oxidized cholesterol is a contributing factor for heart disease. It also lowers high blood pressure, which is crucial for heart health.

But, isn't it cumbersome to open this fruit?

Believe it or not, it will take less than 2 minutes and only 2 steps to get the seeds out of a pomegranate.

Step 1. Score 4 lines from top to bottom, to quarter the fruit.

Step 2. Put them in a bowl of water, pull the quarters apart and release the seeds in water.

Allow it to settle for a few seconds, discard the pith that floats and seeds settle at the bottom. It's a unique fruit and it has a festive flair. So, have fun!

Keep in mind, the juice can stain your counter and clothes if you're not careful.

Pomegranate seeds are versatile too!

  • You can use them in salads, porridge, dips, smoothies and desserts.
  • You can refrigerate them in air tight container for up to a week.
  • You can also freeze them for up to 6 months.
  • They stay good at room temperature for 2 days in air tight jars.

Do you still need reasons to try this incredible fruit? Go ahead pop open a pomegranate today and start reaping the sweet rewards.

Yours in Health,


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