Women: This “Magic” Fungus Fights Belly Fat

I can almost hear what you’re thinking when you read that headline:

“Ew!” – Right?

But just let that sink in for a second and you’ll quickly realize, mushrooms are a type of fungus, and you probably already eat them at least occasionally.

Well, you may want to eat a LOT more of them as a new study has revealed that mushrooms may be “magic” when it comes to women and weight loss.

Research from the Department of Nutrition Science at the University of Buffalo found that eating Portobello mushrooms in particular, may make it easier to lose weight and exercise longer by controlling blood sugar, especially for women.

If you’ve already heard that eating mushrooms is beneficial, that’s because previous studies have shown them to have beneficial effects on weight management, but this study was the first to examine how plant-based glucose can help stabilize blood sugar levels.

How does stabilizing blood sugar help you lose those stubborn pounds?

Your blood sugar level is the amount of glucose from what you eat that’s circulating around in the blood stream in order to provide energy to cells immediately, or to be stored for later use.

A well-balanced blood sugar level is essential for overall fitness and well-being, regulating hormones, triggering your body to burn stored fat, and raising your metabolism to help you lose weight.

The Buffalo researchers believe that the mushroom’s dense phytonutrient component combined with the powerful antioxidant known as ergothioneine, work together to result in rapid improvements in the body.

They help to nourish cells and to protect against tissue damage, which not only leads to greater stamina, but helps to level blood sugarall in less than 30 minutes!

That’s certainly quite an amazing feat that can practically be considered “magic,” don’t you think?

Stabilizing blood glucose levels helps to support the essential hormone balance needed to get rid of that extra flab. Of course, I realize that understanding exactly how all of that works can be confusing.

I’ll explain:

Every cell in the body needs glucose (sugar) for fuel in order to thrive, but our typical modern diets are filled with unhealthy, processed sugar from sodas, junk foods, and many other sources that the body can’t utilize.

All of that unused sugar is transformed into fat which leads to fatty liver, diabetes, and obesity.

Mushrooms are considered to be a clean, plant-based food that helps to normalize blood sugar and decrease the risk of these serious health issues – all while helping you to look better on the outside too.

Now that doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want as long as you eat mushrooms too!

There is no food that is powerful enough to combat an unhealthy diet, but eating more mushrooms can help to provide a better balance that’s crucial for leveling out blood sugar levels to help you achieve a healthy weight while also providing the energy you need for more endurance.

Mushrooms are also packed with fiber to help keep you fuller longer which can prevent unhealthy snacking, providing sort of a “double-whammy” effect.

The term “magic mushrooms” has just taken a whole new meaning, right?

The study used a Portabella mushroom powder, which can be purchased online on sites like Amazon.com, or in your local health food store. You can add use the powder to make a shake or add it to a smoothie.

Of course, you can also take the opportunity to get creative and just add more mushrooms to your meals – heap them onto a salad, add them to lettuce wraps, sauté them with onions and peppers for a tasty side dish, throw them into scrambled eggs… the options are practically endless!

Yours in health & happiness,