What To Do If You Are A Picky Eater?

The question I get asked a lot is what do I do to eat healthy if I'm a picky eater or have allergies? This video will answer this question to help you eat healthy and introduce new foods into your diet.

Also, here's my Hummus Beet Wrap Recipe. Even if you think you don't like beets, I encourage you to give this a try. You might be surprised!

Hummus Beet Wrap


 1 Tbsp. Hummus
1 6-inch Sprouted Grain Tortilla (Gluten Free)
½ c. (75g) Peeled and Grated Beet (TIP: Cut beet into 3 or 4 big chunks and grate using the
grating disk for a food processor or large holes of box grater.)
2 tbsp. Feta (½ oz.)(15g)
¼ Packed c. (5g) Arugula, roughly chopped


Spread hummus on tortilla, leaving a 1 ½ inch(4cm) border.

Sprinkle evenly with beets, feta, and

To roll up, fold in 2 opposite sides of tortilla and roll, starting with the end closet to you.

Slice each wrap in half on the diagonal.

Wrap each wrap tightly in foil or parchment paper and
refrigerate in an airtight container or zip-top bag.

(Make Ahead: May be made up to 1 day in

And here's a little more on why beets are one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

Yours in health,


P.S. Please share this with the picky eaters you know and I welcome your comments below!