Want a Flat Belly Fast? Try These 3 Foods.

If I sent you on a scavenger hunt through the grocery store to find foods that may cause bloating and make your belly feel icky, you could probably find some pretty quickly.

But if I put a whole bunch of healthy foods in front of you and asked you to show me the ones that would help you get a flat belly fast, you might have a harder time. After all, they’ve been designated “healthy” for a reason. What makes certain foods better at flattening your tummy than others?


I have the answers for you in the video below. Click to see me reveal exactly which 3 foods are the best belly-flatteners and why, and then let me know in the comments either here or on the video which foods you found to be the most surprising tummy-tamers. I bet one (or all) of them will shock you!


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