Top Benefits of Cannabis Oil (Despite it’s Controversy)

Cannabis is more commonly called ”Marijuana” and I think it's fair to say you probably know what that is.

In case you don't, it's a product of the plant Cannabis sativa.

Most of you know about Cannabis but did you know this herb has been used for thousands of years to treat many disease conditions?

Cannabis is popular for its sticky glands called trichomes. Trichomes are rich in the compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It's this THC, a type of cannabinoid that has many healing uses.

If you're wondering how anything that has to be smoked could be beneficial then I have some relieving news.

chocolate bar with marijuana leaf

Cannabis can be used in the form of an oil and often the oils are infused into foods. Commonly referred to as “edibles” these infused foods are becoming more popular as laws for use have been passed in many states for medical use of cannabis.

Cannabinoids are, of course, most known for their psychoactive properties or for making you “high” but there's a lot more to it than what you've seen in “Cheech and Chong” movies.

Regardless of your thoughts on recreational use, the medical community has identified some uses that are worth considering.

After all, as a society, we don't seem to mind popping a pill when it's prescribed so why not explore some uses of this natural remedy?

6 Conditions that Might Benefit from Cannabis Oil

1. Alzheimer's disease:

A study showed that small doses of THC helped slow Alzheimer's.

This compound delayed the formation of a type of protein that's a key contributor to the disease. The results of this pre-clinical study encouraged continued research in this niche.

Another study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease suggested the compounds beneficial effects.

Researchers concluded that THC in cannabis gives relief to Alzheimer's symptoms.

2. Improves heart health:

Powerful antioxidants in Cannabis oil help relax blood vessels and widen them. This relaxes the walls of the blood vessels, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Also, the antioxidant effects of the cannabis oil promote heart health.

Researchers are exploring the various beneficial uses in stroke, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

3. Chronic pain relief:

Cannabis oil can help patients with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia.

A 2010 study suggested that single inhalation of THC compounds from cannabis reduced pain. In this study 23 post-surgical adults with pain took cannabis over fourteen day periods at 4 doses.

They reported better sleep and lowered pain intensity.

4. Managing Glaucoma:

person with glaucoma

Antioxidants in cannabis oil can help lower glaucoma risk.

The American Glaucoma Society suggests that cannabis could be a natural treatment for glaucoma.

Cannabis reduced eye pressure among glaucoma patients which prevent further optic nerve damage. The downside was that it worked only for a short time and patients would have to use about every 3 hours.

5. Treats eating disorders:

Cannabis can boost appetite in people with eating disorders. According to a research article, cannabis helps in the release of hunger-promoting hormones.

For those with appetite loss after an injury or illness, cannabis helps.

6. Cancer:

The US Food & Drug Administration has not approved Cannabis for treating cancer. Yet, research shows that cannabis activates certain receptors in the body which have benefits.

The National Cancer Institute states, “Cannabinoids may have benefits in the treatment of cancer-related side effects.”

Important Facts about Cannabis to Keep in Mind

  • There are many strains of cannabis and not all have therapeutic properties.
  • Cannabis oil is not available online or at a local store.

If your state allows cannabis for medical conditions, you can buy with the use of medical note.

  • Always buy cannabis oil from a reputed company that sells lab tested oils.
  • Never mix cannabis oil with other medications such as antidepressants, or anxiety medications.
  • Cannabis oil is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • Always talk to your doctor about using cannabis or any holistic remedy.

Yours in health and happiness,


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