Indulgent Banana Split Salad

I'm always saying…you don't have to deprive yourself to lose weight and improve health. It's all about finding healthier options.

There are so many healthy ways to indulge in our favorite treats and this Banana Split Salad is here to prove it!

It's great for a quick snack and a fun treat for the whole family. This takes about 10 minutes and I call it a salad for fun but I would most likely enjoy this one as a dessert or to satisfy a craving.

This recipe is so versatile because you can top it with any fresh fruit you have on hand. Let's get started.

Danette May Recipe

And if that's not ice-creamy enough for you, give my banana nice cream a try too. Nothing quite like a cool tasty treat to bust those cravings and keep you on track to rock your bikini body.

Yours in Health,