Fun and Festive Watermelon Pizza

I love fooling around in the kitchen with my girls! We don't get a lot of time to do it but when we do, the sky's the limit on what we might create.

If I can stress one thing about making healthy, delicious food, it would have to be to experiment and have fun with the ingredients YOU love most! For us, watermelon tops the list and I can't wait to thump a healthy ripe melon when I go to the Farmer's Market.

Here's an idea we had one day and now, we make it almost every time the girls have friends over during the Summer months.

One of my good friends even took a few of these to her office ‘pizza' party because she wanted to have fun with her co-workers but she didn't have room in her meal plans for fast food pizza. Needless to say, it was a hit!

Here's a good guideline but you can make this recipe your own by adding your own favorite “toppings.”



Ripe Watermelon – Cut as shown below

2-3 Kiwis- peeled and sliced (number of kiwis needed will vary)

aprrox. 20 Blueberries- rinsed

1/4 cup Coconut shavings



Place the watermelon base on a parchment paper or large platter (A pizza box is even more fun if you can find one)

Arrange the ‘toppings' evenly across the red flesh of the watermelon

Sprinkle with coconut shavings

Slice into pie shaped slices and Enjoy the smiles!


The idea with these particular ingredients is to have the kiwis look like pepperoni and the blueberries like black olives. The coconut sprinkles mimic the cheese and if your toppings slide around, add a touch of raw honey under fruit to help  hold it in place. It won't have to stay in place long though. These get gobbled up quickly!

Yours in Health,


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