Focusing On Diet & Exercise To Lose Weight Won’t Work

Losing weight and getting in shape is hard work. That’s not news.

There are plenty of people who say that dieting is as simple as putting down the fork. Those people are wrong.

If you’re aware of the food that you eat and put effort into exercising, then you’re on the right path.

But if that’s all you’re doing…there’s a good chance you’ll find that it just isn’t enough to do the trick.

Too many diet and work out programs end up just another failure.

There’s one reason why: People put all their efforts on their body and not enough on their brains.

You need to change the way you think. Not just about food and exercise, but also about how you feel about breaking old habits.

The right mindset is your most powerful tool for diet success.

Want proof?

In a study published in the journal Psychological Science, researchers told a hotel cleaning crew that the work they were doing was really good exercise. There was another group of cleaners who were not given that advice.

At the end of the study, the group that thought they were doing something good for themselves ended up losing weight.

They also ended up with lower blood pressure and decreased their BMI.

How it that possible?

It’s the power of positive thinking.

When your brain is saying that you’re doing something good for yourself, your body responds.

So how do you change your internal dialogue? 

How can I stop the little voice inside my head from saying:

I am depriving myself” and turn it toI am building a better, stronger, healthier body”?

  • Meditation is a great place to start.

Studies show that it can lower your blood pressure and decrease your stress. It’s also a great way to shut out negative messages and focus on the positive.

  • Another strong way is to use daily affirmations. Read one every day to make sure that you’re getting a fresh dose of motivation and purpose.

By signing your brain up for your body-improvement mission, you give yourself a much greater chance of achieving your goals. You also can gain understanding of why your diets haven’t worked in the past.

4 tips to help you along the way:

1. Make a list of the reasons that you want to make a change.

You know that you’re hoping for far more than wanting to fit into a dress for your high school reunion.

2. Write down all the benefits you’re looking for and then read your list every single day.

Read it when you wake up in the morning and when you get into bed at night.

3. Take the time to eat consciously. You can use the same trick when you exercise too!

Instead of mindlessly consuming what's on your plate or drudging through the workouts, stop and think about what you’re doing for your body and be grateful.

4. Train yourself to think of your healthy food and exercise as a gift that you’re giving yourself instead of as a deprivation or punishment.

Your brain is more powerful organ than any other part of your body in helping you to exercise more and make smarter food choices.

Yours in Health,


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