Enjoy Coffee and Reap Health Benefits

Thanks to freelance writer, Jess Walters for contributing to this article.

Americans are the greatest coffee drinkers in the world. Each day, 400 million cups of coffee are being drunk by people across the USA.

It is reassuring to know, with all this coffee being consumed, that coffee is good for you.

The caffeine in coffee, and to a lesser extent in tea and kola nuts, stimulates the nervous system. This helps wake us up in the morning or gives us a mental boost when we get tired during the day.

Caffeine has valuable health benefits too.

Caffeine boosts fat burning because it raises the metabolism.

Having less body fat is healthy because it wards off heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Coffee Reduces Risk of Diabetes

At least three to five cups of coffee a day are beneficial, lowering the possibility of Type 2 diabetes, and ten cups would lower the risk even more, according to a US government report.

Just to be clear, I still don't recommend drinking 10 cups of coffee in a day 🙂

The beneficial effect is caused by the antioxidants in coffee.

These stop oxygen-free radicals, which damage body tissues. Coffee also contains chromium and magnesium, which can help the body to generate insulin and counter diabetes.

Even More Health Benefits

“Keep drinking coffee to keep your liver healthy,” says scientists in Italy. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is potentially fatal and caused by obesity. Drinking up to six cups of coffee a day reduces this risk.

Coffee weakens and kills viruses too, according to research in Japan which highlights the chemical N-methyl-pyridinium formate as the beneficial ingredient. This knocks out many viruses like herpes simplex.

Harmful bacteria also get killed by hot beverages like coffee, tea and even hot water.

Coffee, like tea and wine, contains polyphenols which stop decay-causing bacteria sticking to your teeth. This means fewer cavities and fewer trips to the dentist.

Be Careful, Though!

Don’t get carried away though and drink too much coffee, as doing so could counteract the benefits. Also, avoid adding cream and sugar as these are not helpful to the body.

Some coffee drinkers suffer from acid reflux, experienced as heartburn accompanied by acidic liquid coming up the throat from the stomach. Coffee is naturally acidic, which is what gives that energizing taste.

If you get acid reflux, the coffee acid can be counteracted by drinking dark roast blends which have less acid, or by adding special acid-reducing products.

Enjoy Your Coffee

Coffee is a great pick-me-up when you need a boost, and in moderation, it’s also good for you. So enjoy your coffee and keep healthy!

Special thanks to freelance writer, Jess Walter for contributing this article.

Yours in health,

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