Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy & Fight Fatigue

Does your to-do list seem to get longer every day? Meanwhile, your energy supply gets shorter?

It’s tempting to reach for one of the popular energy drinks to boost your energy, but that’s a terrible idea. Studies have shown that they carry a ton of risks.

Energy drinks having been named the cause of rising numbers in emergency room visits and even deaths.

They’re more than just a new way of drinking caffeine: they also contain up to 4 ounces of sugar, plus other ingredients that together can cause irregular heartbeats and raised blood pressure. This isn't the kind of energy you're looking for.

When you need a boost of get-up-and-go, try one of these natural fixes:

Top 10 All-Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy

1. Guzzle some Green Juice

green juice boost energy wood table Whether you use leafy green vegetables like spinach or kale or add spirulina to your juice, greens help boost your energy and your metabolism.

Low energy is just one of the top 5 signs that you need to eat more greens.

Keeping some high quality powdered green juice on hand make powering up with greens even easier. Plus, no more wasted greens because you didn't eat them before they spoiled.

2. Go full Tarzan and give yourself a Chest Bump

No, really. If you take your hand and tap yourself below the collarbone, it triggers your thymus to make more T-cells. This relieves stress and increases energy.

3. Say ‘Hello’ to the Sunshine

The longer you spend indoors under artificial light, the more tired you'll feel. Take a walk outside in the sunshine to give yourself an energy boost.

There's a good chance you're Vitamin D deficient anyhow so get out there and soak up some sunlight!

4. Have a Tea Party for One

Go ahead, break out your good china and brew up some green tea. Green tea contains caffeine in small amounts.

It will give you a boost without keeping you up at night. It also contains EGCG, which has been shown to help with weight loss!

Don't like the taste of green tea? Here are 5 more herbal teas that will put some pep in your step.

5. Walk it Out

family walking boost energy

The more you sit, the more tired you feel. Get your blood flowing by taking a walk. It will make you feel much better. Yes, especially when it's the very last thing you feel like doing!

6. Power Up with a Shake

Grab a high-quality protein shake and get to sippin'. When you combine healthy proteins with complex carbs in your shake, you fight fatigue. Try adding your protein powder or Greek yogurt to your fruit, and blend away!

7. Two Words: Blink Break

This one sounds funny, but it really works. When you’re feeling tired, it’s often a sign that your brain needs a break.

Instead of taking a nap, try blinking a lot for a full minute. Every time you blink you give your brain a little rest period.

8. Just Breathe

Think about how energized you feel after a yoga class. It’s mostly about the breaths that you’ve taken, and you can carry that with you outside of class.

When you inhale deeply and then exhale completely, you ease stress and improve your overall level of vigor.

9. An Apple a Day

doctor holds green apple boost energy

You know that whole apple-a-day thing? It’s true for so many reasons. One is that having an apple gives you a sweet snack without taking in too much sugar. You get a boost of energy from its complex carbs, plus the benefits of fiber and Vitamin C.

10. Turn Up with Your Water Bottle

Many times what you feel as fatigue is really dehydration. When you drink more water, you boost your blood volume.

That's good news for your heart too because it means that it doesn’t have to work as hard.

Here are 4 ways to make drinking your water more fun. Just make sure you're skipping the plastic water bottle (they're linked to weight gain, diabetes and, even cancer) and opting for a higher quality glass or metal vessel.

Yours in health and happiness,


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