5 Alternatives to Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a quick fix for household and cooking purposes. It's also the most popular vinegar among natural health practitioners.

Most of us like Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for the many benefits it offers. But did you know you can enjoy similar benefits by using other types of vinegar too?

5 Vinegars that Stack Up to Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Coconut Vinegar coconuts on blue table alternatives apple cider vinegar

Bacteria is added to a mixture of coconut sap and yeast. This turns the mixture acidic and makes coconut vinegar.

How it stacks up against apple cider vinegar: Coconut vinegar has the same qualities as ACV. Use it to fight germs, improve weight loss and enjoy as a low glycemic food. Many people prefer its flavor to ACV.

2. Turmeric Root Vinegar

The process of making turmeric vinegar is the same as ACV. Instead of apples, fresh and tender turmeric roots are used.

How it stacks up against ACV: Turmeric vinegar carries all the benefits of turmeric root. It's antimicrobial, boosts the immune system, and a powerful antioxidant. Besides giving the same benefits of ACV, turmeric vinegar also promotes healthy gut bacteria. Use it in place of ACV.

When not to use: If you take blood thinners, or drugs that suppress the immune system avoid taking it.

3. Malt Vinegar

It's a fermented product that comes when bacteria is added to barley syrup. The fermentation process turns the sugar into an acid resulting in malt vinegar.

How it stacks up against ACV:  Like ACV malt vinegar can help improve your blood sugar levels.  Add it mixed greens, grilled salmon or boiled potato for enhanced flavor.

4. Ginger Root Vinegar ginger root alternatives apple cider vinegar

Crushed fresh ginger with vinegar yields a spicy flavored vinegar. Ginger root vinegar is antibacterial and improves digestion.

How it stacks up against ACV:  Ginger root vinegar provides polyphenolic antioxidants like ACV. It imparts spicy, pungent flavor unlike the sweet flavor of ACV.

5. Strawberry Vinegar

Crushed strawberries fermented along with vinegar gives you this antioxidant loaded vinegar. The tart flavor and natural sweetness is a good option for diabetics.

How it stacks up against ACV: Like ACV, strawberry vinegar slows the rate at which sugar rises in the blood. Strawberry vinegar is closest in flavor and taste to ACV.

Here's the recipe for strawberry vinegar:

Strawberry Vinegar

1 cup of balsamic vinegar

1.5 cups of strawberry (trimmed)

Pulse berries in a food processor until it is juicy.

Combine the mixture with vinegar and allow to stand for an hour.

Discard the solids and strain and use.

Should I stop using Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar has its own antioxidant punch and so do the rest of the vinegar types. It can be difficult to find other vinegar varieties that contain “the mother.” This is one of the reasons I recommend Apple Cider Vinegar in my programs.

Research shows small quantities of acidity from vinegar prevents indigestion, and regulate insulin levels. This also boosts weight loss.

With its many health benefits and practical uses, it is a great idea to use a variety. Combine or switch to enjoy a spectrum of antioxidants from different vinegar types.

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