Add A Few Threads of This Exotic Spice to Your Tea (7 reasons)

Have you ever made a shopping list for a recipe that contained saffron and found yourself knocked out by the price?

Saffron is hands down the world’s most costly spice, it compares with the price of gold and there’s a good reason why.

Saffron comes from some of the world’s most exotic locations – Kashmir, Greece and Morocco. It’s produced by hand picking the part of a flower that catches pollen. Slightly tedious work to say the least!

It takes 80,000 flowers to add up to one pound of saffron.

The threads are cut off, then laid out to dry and cure. All that time and hard work yields a spice that has a strong and delicious taste. Its cost is offset by its potency – just one grain of saffron can turn ten gallons of water a bright orange color!

Besides adding deep color and taste, saffron also has lots of health benefits, and may even help with weight loss.

7 Ways Saffron Is Valuable to Your Body

1. Cancer fighter

Saffron is known for its deep orange color. That color comes from crocin, which causes cell death in cancer cells.

Unlike many drugs, crocin hurts cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. It also spurs the creation of immune cells that fight cancer cells.

2. Memory booster

Recent studies have linked saffron to boosting memory and reducing brain inflammation. It’s been shown to reverse the symptoms found in Alzheimer’s patients.

Japanese doctors have used saffron for many years to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease and to help learning and memory loss.

3. PMS relief

Asian doctors have used saffron to treat PMS for hundreds of years, and a recent study confirmed that it helps. Women who took saffron capsules twice a day found it helped with cramps and other symptoms.

4. Erectile dysfunction

Scientists have found that taking saffron pills daily can help men with erectile dysfunction. This is even true for those whose condition is caused by taking antidepressants.

5. Mood booster

Saffron has been shown to be as effective as some antidepressants for treating depression.

6. Weight loss

Many have claimed that saffron stops people from snacking and is a boost to weight loss plans, and a French study confirmed this idea.

Researchers tested saffron extract on healthy, mildly overweight women for 8 weeks and found that they felt more full and snacked far less. At the end of 8 weeks the group that took the saffron had lost more weight, without any side effects.

7. Eye health

Doctors have treated patients who have macular degeneration with saffron. They’ve found that taking the supplement provides both short term and long term benefits.

Buying & Using Saffron

You can find saffron at most gourmet markets, and you can buy it as a supplement too. Always look for organic.

One of the most soothing and effective ways to add it to your diet is to drink a daily cup of saffron tea. Here’s one of my favorite recipes:

Ginger Saffron Tea Danette May Recipe

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