6 Science-Based Benefits of the Avocado

The avocado has long been a staple of the Latin American diet.  In the last 10 years, it has grown to be widely popular in the U.S. You can now walk into any market and find them piled up next to standard foods like tomatoes and apples.

The average American will eat nearly 7 pounds of avocados this year!

Avocados are often used in salads and sauces. Because it's not sweet and has a green color, people often think they are a vegetable. In fact, they are a stone fruit, just like peaches and plums.

Their creamy flesh is more than just tasty: it's also extremely healthy. The avocado is well known as a heart-healthy fat, but it offers a lot more benefits than that.

6 Science-based Reasons to Eat Avocados

1. Avocados are known as a heart-healthy food. This is because they have high levels of “beta-sitosterol”. avocado halves shaped into a heart wooden background
This substance is known to control cholesterol and keep it at a healthy level.

2. Avocados are good for your eyes. They contain lutein and other phytochemicals that protect against ultraviolet rays.

They also contain fatty acids that help the body to absorb other vitamins and minerals. These help to reduce the risk of macular degeneration.

3. Avocados are high in Vitamin K.  In fact, half an avocado gives you 25% of your daily RDA of this important vitamin.

Vitamin K helps you to absorb calcium and keeps your body from excreting calcium through your urine. That means that it’s good for bone health.

4. Avocados have a lot of folates. Folate is one of the most important nutrients. It’s been shown to protect against DNA and RNA mutations. When cells mutate, it can lead to cancer.

Folate is also key to a healthy pregnancy. It cuts the risk of miscarriage and birth defects.

5. Avocados make you happier! It's true, folate is tied to a lower risk of depression. Women shopping bags laughing outside

Scientists believe that it stops a substance called “homocysteine” from building up. It blocks the production of important mood hormones.

6. Avocado is high in fiber. Just half a fruit contains 6-7 grams. Fiber can help lower the risk of colon cancer. It also fights the symptoms of constipation and to move toxins out of the body.

Fiber has also been shown to cut the risk of heart disease and stroke.

When you buy avocados, you need to look for fruit that has a bit of give to it if you are going to use it right away. Otherwise, you can let them ripen on your counter until they soften and then store them in the refrigerator.

Avocados can be used in many ways. In addition to using them in salads and dips, you can use them in baking. Avocados are delicious with eggs and make a healthy sauce for pasta.

And of course, they can be used to make guacamole just like my favorite recipe above.

With all this great news about avocados, you may be wondering…is there such a thing as too much avocado?

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