5 Ways to Balance Your Body’s pH

It’s easy to miss what may be one of the most important factors dictating how you feel – your pH balance.

When you eat a traditional westernized diet, one that’s rich in meat sources and grains, you’re going to become far more acidic than the body was designed to be.

This can set you up for many problems including

  • increased chronic pain conditions
  • accelerated aging
  • high blood pressure
  • increased inflammation
  • higher risk for osteoporosis
  • low energy levels
  • as well as a slow digestion process.

The good news is that getting your pH balance back on track and more alkaline isn’t as hard as you may think.

Let’s look at five things you can do today.

1. Have A Lemon Cleanse When You Wake Up

Starting your day off right will set the stage for all to come.

Every morning, kick-start the hydration and alkalization process by drinking a tall glass of lemon water.

While you may think that lemon is very acidic, when it enters the body it actually becomes very alkaline, so this is exactly what you want. It’s a calorie-free refreshing start to any day.

2. Build A Large Greens Salad 


Getting more fresh vegetables into your menu is one of the best things you can do to reduce your acidity and balance out the protein that you’re eating.

Prepare a large green salad at the start of your day and then serve it as the day progresses, aiming to finish it by night.

Not only will this have you feeling better, but you’ll easily reach your 5-10 recommended servings a day.

3. Cut Out Refined Sugar

The one type of food that you must get out of your diet immediately if you want to be more alkalinized is refined sugar.

Sugar is going to send insulin levels soaring, mess with your energy, and could even lead to rapid body fat storage.

Not to mention, it tilts you strongly in the acidic direction.  If you have a craving for something sweet, try fruit instead, which actually makes you more alkaline instead.

4. Try Alkalinized Water 

Another way to get more alkaline is to look at the water you’re drinking. While it’s important that you stay hydrated on a daily basis, if you’re typically drinking tap water, this could be the cause of your acidity.

Consider getting an alkaline water stick or pitcher and start using that to create healthier water that will help keep your pH where it needs to be.

5. Get Active

Finally, get up and get moving. If you sit for a large portion of the day, this could also be contributing to your state.

Focus on getting up more frequently.

Exercise can help to remove the acidic waste that your body creates naturally, favoring a more alkaline environment.

Even 5 minutes of brief walking can help here, so don’t think that you need to exercise for an hour to reap benefits.

So keep these five tips in mind. Apply them to your current health program and you’ll be feeling your best in no time.

Yours in Health,


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