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The difference 7 short months made for Sheila!

Picture on the left is from June 2017 and the picture on the right is from January 2018 !! I still drink acv every morning, eat 90% on plan, use Danette’s workouts only 6 days a week, and meditations daily. This lifestyle works!!

Sheila Fox

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Kyula found the secret to losing that stubborn after baby weight and at 45, she’s more energized than ever!

Hello sisters! I started this 30day challenged back in July31st. And as of today I lost 14pounds. I am feeling grateful to God and to use you Danette May your program was great life changing for me. I also did my check up and everything looks wonderful. My journey is not over yet, but the results are great already. I was stuck at 182 pounds after I had my daughter and finally my body responded with this program and now I am 166 pounds. I am 45 and feeling fabulous. I am stronger and with more energy to take care of my 2 years old daughter and my 8 years old daughter. Plus my niece 16 that I am taking care off so as you can see I need my health and energy to keep going. It is possible for who believe.

Kyula Sanders Azevedo Costa

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Paula says bye bye to 17 kgs in 7 months and knows the support she has gives her the power to sustain it for LIFE!

I started 30 day challenge in Sept 2017 and after joined FF. I weighed 79kg then and have successfully reached 62kg 💃which has gone way beyond my expectations. The programme has not just about loosing weight but the mind set it provides to believe in yourself and that you can do anything u put your mind to. The love, support abd inspiring journeys from Facebook tribe and mentors has been what has kept me going as well as the amazing menus,exercises and meditations . .. weekly updates and inspirations etc from Danette. There is no way I will slip back to my old self…

Paula Pierce

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Carol is freed from her fear of food & has more energy & focus than ever before!

I loved the 30 Day challenge! I discovered so many new food combinations that I would have never tried before. In the past I would go from the extreme of eating too few calories to the opposite of over eating. I am no longer afraid of food! I now look foward to making new healthy meals and I have completely changed my outlook in so many areas of my life, all for the better. I have more energy, I am more focused and more in tune with my health! I can't begin to thank you enough! I will always be greatful to Danette May!

Carol McElya

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“How did you do it!?”

Although the pic on left is a candid shot that my son took of me (and I need to work on my batwings 😂), I definitely can see the difference when a pic pops up on FB taken a year ago! Like others I’ve tried WW and South Beach but this lifestyle surpassed ALL my expectations and reached beyond my goal weight! I started because I had a family reunion in Mexico in July, never imagined that I found a lifestyle that would change my eating habits, knowledge about food and exercise, and enjoy cooking again! The best is when you haven’t seen people in awhile and they say “Where did you go?”, “What happened to you?”, “Are you sick?”, “How did you do it?”, “You look great!”. Then I get to tell them all about it. One of the best things recently was shopping for a NYE outfit, so fun! Thank you Danette May! #transformationtuesday (on a Wednesday)

Lisa Schmid Staib

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Toni feels like a MILLION bucks!

I want to let you know that I have been on your Fit Rise program for a few days and I have lost 5 lbs! More then anything I feel like a million dollars!! All thanks to the Cacao Bliss and the wonderful recipes you have created for me for my personal profile. Thank you for giving me back my life!!! I never had so much energy! I had gone to the doctors thinking there was something medically wrong with me. It was all about eating the healthy foods and drinking Cocao Bliss and the other protein powders along with the exercise. You're the Best!! Toni xo

Toni Esser