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Below are some of my most popular and requested products my customers ask me about. Please take a moment to read through each and see which one might benefit you most!

Flat Abs Fast DVD

This is our complimentary ab-toning and fat loss DVD program. It’s our #1 recommended method for looking 10 pounds leaner in just 10 days.

Here’s what’s inside…

  • Flat Belly Fast’ DVD… a comprehensive introduction to my fat-burning program to get you started on fat loss journey…
  • 3 BONUS WORKOUT VIDEOS… includes three individual levels of belly-flattening exercises, so you can safely progress at your own pace…
  • Fast Meals Prep’ video… watch and cook along with me as I provide easy, step-by-step instructions for preparing delicious, fat-burning meals…
  • 10-day Meal Plan’ eBook… jam-packed with easy to follow recipes for creating yummy, fat-burning dishes for 10-days of mouth-watering, fat-burning food!

As you can see, I want to give you everything you need to start burning unwanted belly fat to look and feel sexier. Plus your confidence will go through the roof when you finally zip up that stunning black dress, step in front of the mirror and see a NEW YOU!

Go here to claim your FREE Flat Belly FAST DVD

Bikini Body Detox

Have you ever tried a ‘clean’ diet and a good exercise program only to end up with little to show for your hard work? You’re not alone. Most people don’t realize the energy drain toxins can have on your body.

They also don’t see how toxins have a direct impact on hunger cravings, fatigue, and can cause nasty skin blemishes. The worst part? Toxins are everywhere!

My Bikini Body Detox program takes your body through a systematic, 3-day, 3-step organ flushing process that hits the reset button your hormones so you can feel great and experience abundant energy.

Plus, it sets your body up perfectly to shift into fat-burning mode, and it doesn’t require you to take any bright colored pills, disgusting drinks, or chocolate covered slimming bars.

Go here to learn how to gently and safely purge dangerous toxins

Bikini Body Recipes:

Most women are trying to use HUNGER as their #1 fat loss tool. Here’s my advice, STOP trying to starve yourself thin!

Why not start eating up to 6 yummy meals every single day that you can prepare in as little as 10 minutes using 5 ingredients or less?

Out of necessity, I created a set of fat-burning recipes so that not only could I feed my entire family, but also save time and keep myself in amazing shape. Now you can access the same meal plans I used to qualify for the World Bikini Championships inside my Bikini Body Recipe.

Inside you’ll find over 150 mouth-watering recipes, including…

  • 50 fat burning meals for times when you want to crank up fat loss…
  • 30+ breakfast recipes to zap hunger all day…
  • 40 metabolism-boosting snack ideas…
  • 5 simple herbs that transform every meal into a mouth-watering delight…
  • How to drink water so fat deposits stored deep in your arms, belly, hips, and thighs start to melt…
  • Answers to your most pressing questions about what’s hype and what’s not when it comes to getting a body you love…

With my Bikini Body Recipe book, you can finally stop ‘guessing’ what to eat and start to enjoy life knowing you are taking care of your body the right way.

Go here to learn more so you can stop starving yourself by using healthy 10-minute meals

30-Day “New You” Challenge

It’s a known fact that 56% of people in any exercise program give up trying to lose weight because the program is too hard or they don't get the support they need.

I’ve solved both of those issues, and the results have been amazing.

I’ve got women who are dropping up to 30 pounds in 30 days who’ve never been able to stick to a diet in their entire life.

I teach you how to believe in yourself again. I call this process stepping into your ‘self-love.’ If I can get you to accept that you are perfect the way you are, your weight loss journey stops feeling like it’s a heavy weight.

What once felt like an uphill struggle rapidly turns into overwhelming inspiration. Once that shift happens you body WILL release fat and allow you to feel comfortable wearing a bikini, or that little black dress.

But there is a catch…

I only open this program 3-4 times a year. The reason I do that is because I only want to work with women who are ready to make a lasting change in their life.

Click here to join the waiting list and be notified when the next challenge opens.

Total Body Fat-Burning Workout DVD series:

This a complete diet and workout program that comes as a 4-part DVD series. Inside, you’ll learn how to get in the best shape of your life exercising only 10 minutes per day. Plus, each workout was designed to fit a raw beginner, seasoned pro, or somewhere in the middle.

The entire workout series consists of one DVD for each of the following:

  • Chest and Back… Strong back and chest muscles, improved posture, and a sexy, uplifted bosom are at your command by following these amazingly effective strength-building and fat-burning exercises…
  • Arms and Shoulders… Sexy, toned arms and shoulders are an easy, obtainable dream with these simple, yet marvelously effective, shaping and toning movements that also burn an amazing amount of body fat…
  • Glutes and Legs... You’ll rock mini skirts, tight jeans and that little black dress, as you show-off your firm, tight booty and strong, shapely legs, thanks to the most powerful fat-burning workout of the series…
  • 4 Minute Shred… Motivated to burn even more body fat in record short time? You’ll shed more fat in this 4-minute exercise than 30 minutes on the elliptical or an one hour walking on the treadmill. Perfect for when your traveling, between meetings, or when you’re on a tight schedule.
  • Flow workout.… Reconnect with your body and spirit, decrease stress, learn to detach from negative thoughts and stay motivated with this incredible, step-into-bliss workout, all while continuing to burn body fat! This amazingly effective workout also improves posture and reduces pain in the joints, hips, knees and lower back.

It’s the total package for creating your ‘dream body.’

Go here to learn how to burn fat almost on command and start to looking your best!

6-Week Coaching

If you’ve ever felt stuck, frustrated or unfulfilled in your life, you’re not going to believe how simple it can be to gain momentum in life when you know the right steps.

I’m not talking about a small shift in thinking. I’m talking about creating massive change in all areas of your life. From achieving your ideal ‘bikini body’, to your career, your family, and everyday life.

What if you could experience a total transformation of your mind, body, and life, to start living the life you truly deserve in as little as 6 weeks?

Imagine instead of your current reality you have more…

  • Abundant energy and a sexy, slim, and beautiful body that you love, without the self-limiting belief that it's only for those who exercise the hardest, have an advantage in life or are blessed with lucky genes…
  • Unlimited happiness, rock-solid confidence and lasting peace and experience it faster, without having to feel like you have to struggle for it…
  • Significantly better relationships and lifestyle without being a slave to destructive habits, fears, and emotions that often cause self-sabotage…
  • Superior health and wellness in your body, emotions and spiritual life, so you can forgive and be who you really are and who you want to become…
  • Greater mastery of your mind and all aspects of daily life through simple changes in how you process past, present and future experiences…

All of this is easily within your grasp, and if you let me, I’ll give you a clear and simple set of action steps that can immediately start impacting your body, mind, and life.

Click here and start YOUR 6-week transformational journey.

Organifi Green Drink

Did I ever mention I’m a ‘juicing’ addict and drink juice every single day? I am, but there’s one thing about juicing that I can’t stand, and that’s the messy cleanup.

So when I discovered Drew Canole’s ( award winning green juice, my ears perked up. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting the taste to be great. Most greens drinks don’t!

But with this new formulation, I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t just “acceptable”, it was INCREDIBLE!

In fact, I LOVE drinking this juice first thing in the morning every day. Better yet is the fact that is has not 1… not 2… but 11 superfoods. It has everything from Moringa and Chlorella to Turmeric and Ashwagandha.

If you’re not getting your 10+ servings of organic veggies on a daily basis, or if you don’t have time to ‘juice’ this is definitely worth a try.

Go here to learn more about Organifi.

Organifi Plant-Based Protein

Want to know a little-known secret for resetting your hormones and rebalancing your body so you can burn fat naturally.

It’s simple…

Put 20 grams of protein in your body, first thing each morning.

This simple secret helps drive off cravings and unwanted hunger, plus it tastes great in a smoothie!

Recently a friend of ours went on a personal mission to make the best meal replacement shake on the planet. To be honest, I think he might have achieved his mission.

His new plant-based protein formula is a woman’s dream come true. Finally, you can enjoy a soothing drink that tastes like an exotic dessert and forces your body to reward you with extra fat loss.

Sounds incredible right? If this sounds interesting…

Click here to learn more about Organifi’s plant-based protein.

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