Full Body

Affirmation: My body is aligned. My body is working and functioning properly. I am grateful for my body. I am forgiving myself and my body from past experiences. I am healing every day. Wellness is my birthright.

Lower Back

Affirmation: I am fully supported. I am free to remove myself from any situation that is not aligned for my highest good. I am honoring me. I am forgiving myself and others for their imperfect perceptions and actions. I am free to release. I am moving in ease and full health.


Affirmation: I make decisions openly and freely and in the best alignment for me. I look forward to what lies ahead. I feel supported. I am supported. I am in full health in my body. I feel free, relaxed, and aligned. 


Affirmation: I am moving through life in the trust. I bend and sway to the process of life. I trust in the process of life. I trust myself. I speak up for my needs and I honor myself. I am in alignment and feel ease within my body.