January 9th, 1pm EST
Free, Live, Virtual Coaching Session Reveals...

How To Lose Your First 10 lbs In January… Without Restrictive Dieting Or Grueling Workouts

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On January 9th at 1pm EST I’m holding a
FREE, LIVE, VIRTUAL interactive coaching session
for the amazing women in our community

I’ll be revealing a breakthrough discovery I made in 2023 that I’ve only shared with my private clients paying me thousands of dollars a year. I’ll share my step-by-step process to help you lose your first 10+lbs of fat in January…

WITHOUT eating less food
(you’ll actually eat more)

WITHOUT exhausting workouts (you’ll likely exercise less and
feel better)

WITHOUT starving yourself or depriving yourself of your favorite foods (you’ll be full MORE often)

This unique approach was specifically created
for women over 40,
ESPECIALLY if you have a history
of re-gaining weight after you’ve lost it

During this live coaching workshop I’ll reveal…
  • Why the simple word “because” is one of the leading causes of rebound weight gain, and how to remove it from your vocabulary forever…
  • How to feel confident and sexy in your favorite clothes regardless of what you look like…
  • Why women tend to carry extra weight in their bellies and how to shrink your belly without crazy diets or exercise programs…
  • And so much more!

Plus Get My “7 Day Jumpstart Program… FREE!

I’ve sold this 7 Day Jumpstart for as much as $37 in the past, and you’re getting it FREE when you register today.

The 7 Day Jumpstart shows you how to combine healing foods, with healing movements, and healing meditations.

It helps you jumpstart your progress and retrain everything from your subconscious mind, all the way down to your cells, to help you maximize your fat loss results with minimum effort.

It’s the perfect way to kickstart your New Year’s Resolutions in a healthy, sustainable way so you can not only slim down quickly… but KEEP it off for the rest of the year with a few easy tweaks to your lifestyle.

Inside you’ll get…

Pillar #1: Healing Foods

I’ll give you a 7-day meal plan including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks that turn meal time into “heal time”. And don’t worry, these aren’t meals that will leave you starving. You’ll be satisfied and satiated after enjoying meals like…

Protein Pasta Plate

Burger In a Lettuce Wrap

Ground Turkey & Warm Fruit

Tomato Avocado & Egg on Toast

Salmon & Veggies

Fruit Delight

Pillar #2: Healing Movements

Most people think long, grueling workouts that leave you exhausted are how you lose weight. Except… well… they’re not. All they do is leave you fatigued, injured, and dreading the next workout.

I prefer to focus on 15-minute, gentle, fun, healing movements that…

  • Help you lose fat 28.5% faster (as shown by the British Journal of Sports Medicine)...1
  • Strengthen and heal your joints so you feel more flexible, nimble and mobile instead of sore and stiff like many workout programs…
  • Help turn down the volume on a specific protein that helps manage inflammation known as NF-kB, which helps to reduce that occasional, annoying “puffiness” we’ve all suffered from…2

My clients and customers love these because they feel more calm and peaceful, more energetic, and more vibrant instead of constantly being exhausted and sore.

Finally, you’ll get…

Pillar #3: Healing Meditations

Do me a favor and close your eyes.

Then take a big 5-second in-breath, followed by a 5-second out-breath.

Notice how you feel INSTANTLY more calm and peaceful?

That’s how I teach people to feel all day long.

These meditations are quick, peaceful, and easy.

They give you just a few minutes of YOU time every day.

Because if you’re like most women, you give yourself to everyone else all day. These teach you to take just a few short moments to appreciate and honor yourself.

The best part is you can do them anywhere. As soon as you wake up, at the end of the day, or even while going to the bathroom if you really can’t find any other time

Just enter your email address to register for this incredible FREE, LIVE, VIRTUAL interactive coaching session and receive the 7 Day Jumpstart as a FREE bonus.

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