Mayan healing Journey

April 14TH - 18th, 2024

A deep subconscious healing experience meets exploration journey with Danette May and indigenous Mayan healers in the Riviera Maya of Mexico! Release blocks, experience expansion, FUN and deep connection to operate in your fullest expression and manifest your dreams.

This elite, 5 day, 5 star healing journey with Danette May and
hand curated traditional Mayan healers has been carefully crafted
to create lasting change in your life.

By rewiring your neuropathways, removing subconscious blocks, and allowing nature to be your greatest healer, we will be setting a pathway for your ultimate peace, joy and expansion. Every experience will be specifically curated for your ultimate growth, relaxation, & renewal. This healing journey will help you step into self love, confidence, and a life of gratitude so you will become a magnet for your dreams.

Who This Is For

Do you ever feel like your
life is on auto-pilot?

It’s like with each role you have taken on, you have created a track or a guard rail for your train of life to run on...

  • Maybe one guard rail is your role as a Mother
  • Another rail is your role as a Lover, a Spouse, a Confidant
  • Another rail is the role you’ve chosen in society: your Career, your Callings, your Groups, your Events
  • And another rail is how you show up to your friends, your loved ones, and all the other people in your life

These roles are keeping you in momentum, keeping you on track….

But are you enjoying the journey?
Are you feeling inner peace and gratitude?

  • Do you ever feel like you are just moving through life and not actually living it?
  • Is there something holding you back from experiencing inner peace?
  • Have you forgotten who you are, because you are just in the habit of being who you’ve defined yourself to be with all these roles, responsibilities, events on the calendar, and your to do lists?
  • Do you see yourself reacting to your environment, rather than showing up as the truest version of yourself?

Maybe even the little things that you used to take for granted have started to evade you: restful sleep, intimacy, trust, confidence, being able to sit quietly and breathe, enjoying nourishing foods, or even feeling inner peace.

Do you ever wish you could just stop all the momentum and just BE?

You are not alone

Women everywhere are starting to realize that they need to make radical shifts in order to step into self love and true happiness… and that doesn’t mean you need to leave your entire world behind, but it DOES mean you need to LEAVE THE OLD VERSION OF YOU BEHIND.

You need to show up differently in order to enjoy your life, to feel true self love, to understand your true power, your true value, and

Step into your life

With Fullness And Choice

So what is holding you back? Deep down, you suspect that what’s holding you back… is YOU.
Even though you are ready to change and step into your fullest potential, it still hasn’t happened.

Why not?

It’s not easy making these huge internal shifts while you are still in the environment that reminds you of the old you. You need to step out, you need to be in a new PHYSICAL SPACE in order to prioritize your healing and the changes you need to make.

By staying in your same environment, without the right guidance and support, it can feel impossible to create the deep, transformational, and LASTING changes you need to really step into this new version of you.

That’s what my MAYAN HEALINGJourney is all about.

I’m inviting you...

To join me in Mexico where I have had some of my deepest transformations and stepped deeper into my healing journey. Mexico and its ancient lands is a destination people have traveled to for hundreds of years not only to relax and rejuvenate, but to receive deep healing.

The Mayan traditions and indigenous ways are what makes the land so uniquely conducive to deep healing work, self-exploration and adventure.

I carefully selected the Riviera Maya in Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico for the reason that it is home to some of the most potent ancient Mayan temples and ruins.

We will connect back to indigenous ways, walk these sacred lands and receive traditional Mayan healing in one of the most stunning places in the world.

The same land that has held me through deep transformation and showed me my ultimate purpose, and I am now able to live a life fully expressed, happy, and on path for my ultimate growth…

So I’m doing something that I have felt the deep call to do:

I’m bringing a select few of you to come with me to
Mexico for deep transformational healing

I have curated the world’s best healers, indigenous ceremonies, coaching sessions, and content specifically to create perfect synergy in the perfect location to help with transformative healing.

It’ll be five days in one of the most healing locations on the planet. Mexico is known world-wide for its sacred healing lands that calls some of the best healers and spiritual leaders.

We will be doing massive healing, in a deep way to uncover and release any habits of self-sabotage you might be clinging to (procrastination, overindulgence, ignoring your negative emotions, perfectionism, or indecisiveness). We will work together to eliminate these patterns and shift them to be less pervasive in your life. We will be facilitating 11 years worth of therapy in FIVE DAYS.

It is my purpose in life to help others just like you to unleash your fullest potential, to harness an unseen force of energy that makes life flow, allows you to tap into joy and self love every day, and allows more abundance to come in so you can become your truest, fullest version of yourself.

For years I’ve been asked by countless leaders, followers, celebrities and people of influence to coach them personally to help them to feel deep inner peace, and stay in alignment with the goals they set for themselves.

I rarely host in-person experiences and feel the call deep down in my soul to create this healing journey for a group of like minded women specifically dedicated to helping you overcome any subconscious blocks, discover any lingering traumas, heal, nurture, and manifest your most vibrant life…

Included in this

Mayan healing Journey

Curated coaching to facilitate 11 years worth of therapy in 5 days
$28,750 value
  • Growth and deep healing sessions with Danette $20,000
  • Exposure to sacred land excursions $2,500
  • Intimate speciality workshops during the experience with Danette
    and world renowned healers
  • Profound movement classes coupled with meditations $750
  • Sound therapy & special ceremonies $1,500
5 days at a luxury 5-star Resort
$9,245 value
All farm-to-table meals that Danette carefully curated with the chef to be delicious, alkaline, non-inflammatory & healing
$1,500 value
30 day supply of Earth Echo foods so you are set up for success in your physical healing journey
$419.91 value
  • Cacao Bliss $59.99
  • Golden Superfood Bliss $59.99
  • Chai Bliss $59.99
  • Island Bliss $59.99
  • Collagen Peptides $59.99
  • Cacao Bliss Travel Packs $29.99
  • Golden Superfood Bliss Travel Packs $29.99
  • Chai Bliss Travel Packs $29.99
  • Island Bliss Travel Packs $29.99
Access to 124+ hours of bonus archived Premium Coaching sessions with Danette for even more on-demand growth
$32,000 value
1 year unlimited member access to FitRise 365 for over 150 healing recipes, workouts and meditations
$197 value
SPECIAL FREE BONUS Private Facebook Group
Access to a private Facebook group of like-minded women that will encourage, support and love you 24/7

Total Value


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There are limited spots. Previous year’s healing experience sold out in 10 minutes!

Tickets WILL sell out, JOIN US NOW!!

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Your 5 Star Luxury Accommodations,

Etereo Resort

Effortlessly floating over a forest of lush greenery, facing the unspoiled white sand beaches of the Caribbean, this boutique resort offers a sense of intimacy and connection to nature. Etereo believes in preserving the planet through sustainable practices and using ancient Mayan traditions.

As you explore the resort you’ll feel a sense of connection to the Mayan lands, healing herbs and traditional Mayan healers. Etereo’s property is secluded and one of the safest resorts in all of Mexico.

Step into this

Mayan healing Journey

I’ll help you find true, authentic happiness and success by showing you how to unapologetically step into your power…

I’ve studied deeply about the power of the mind and how it affects every decision we make, and I want to share that with you so that you can break free of negative emotions by using specific strategies that take less time than drawn out therapy sessions.

I have privately been the coach for some of the top coaches and entrepreneurs out there, and I’m sharing those transformational strategies with YOU...

  • To help you get to the next level in every area of your life
  • To help you release old patterning
  • So you can step more fully into releasing any of your self sabotaging ways, and…
  • Improve your intimate relationships, your finances, and find your inner peace.

The strategies I’m going to share with you in this healing journey are the ones I adopted in order to turn $47 into three 8-figure businesses in less than 6 years. In addition, they supported me through me losing my son, going through a divorce, and getting me out of deep financial ruin.

The work that we will do together will help you set up healthy boundaries with your family and other relationships, and they will allow you to create abundance in all areas of life…

How do I know this? Because I have personally “walked the walk” of everything I teach…

But before we dive into any more details, let’s make sure you are ready for this investment in yourself.

Because of my commitment to each and every retreat attendee, I ONLY want to invite you if you are ready to show up fully, get radically honest and grow together with me and your other growth coaching partners.

Start Your Journey

So please only join us if you meet the following criteria:


You must be fully ready to truly surrender into transformation.


You want (and are ready for) radical growth, honesty, and effective change in your relationships, personal health, and finances and you are willing to do what it takes to make these changes in your life.


You are ready to invest 4-figures into yourself and into the tools you need to create your ultimate future.

If you can take a deep look at yourself and honestly
say that this is you, then join us in Mexico!!

Join Us

Want to hear how this will

Change Your Life?

Grace Smith

The very first conversation I had with Danette May completely changed my business, my relationship with my husband, who is also my business partner, and my life. I completely transformed my role in business. I stopped doing things that I thought I had to do, which were slowing us down. I got fully into my zone of genius.

My husband stepped into his and our relationship and our business was taken to the next level. I am so very grateful for Danette’s deep wisdom about business and relationships and specifically relationships IN business in my life.

Grace Smith

- World Renowned Hypnotherapist

Tracy Hermes

Danette has literally changed my life. I’ve heard if you want to be successful, find someone who is already doing it and do what they do. Danette generously shares from her heart what she has done to find optimal health in her body, mind and spirit, and coaches us to find belief in the... Read More +

Tracy Hermes

- #1 Best Selling Children's Book Author

Tracy Hermes

Danette has literally changed my life. I’ve heard if you want to be successful, find someone who is already doing it and do what they do. Danette generously shares from her heart what she has done to find optimal health in her body, mind and spirit, and coaches us to find belief in the end of our stories! I have found the self-love I deserve; the belief in myself, by understanding that the words we speak are who we are becoming; along with healthy foods and exercises and movements that serve me.

She guides us to be aware of our limiting beliefs and gives us the tools we need to change them to empowering ones. She is the real deal. If we don’t have our health, we have nothing…and she is the healthy lifestyle expert we all deserve to have for a great life. I have claimed my identity thanks to her outstanding coaching skills, as she passionately dreams for all of us. Lao-Tzu said that the best leaders are the ones who, when their work is done, the people will say, we did it ourselves! That is who she is.

Tracy Hermes

- #1 Best Selling Children's Book Author

Nayri Geary

I have had amazing results working directly with Danette and attending her high level healing retreats. I have healed from a lot of sexual trauma I had, which has deepened my intimate relationships and the relationship I have with myself. She is a healer and is connected to a lot of healers... Read More +

Nayri Geary

- Entrepreneur

Nayri Geary

I have had amazing results working directly with Danette and attending her high level healing retreats. I have healed from a lot of sexual trauma I had, which has deepened my intimate relationships and the relationship I have with myself.

She is a healer and is connected to a lot of healers, who make her coaching and her retreats one of a kind and deeply transformational. The work she does is deep, helps you forgive and makes you feel completely free and expansive. If you can work with Danette or attend one of her retreats, do it! You won't regret it.

Nayri Geary

- Entrepreneur

Danette helped me see hidden blocks I had around my relationships. Most people see me as a successful business entrepreneur with healthy relationships. Behind the curtain, I have struggled with toxic relationships, worthiness and self sabotage. Danette is someone you can trust and has an ability to not only work on the conscious goal setting part of your brain, but takes you through cellular experiences that allow for tremendous growth and peace.


- CEO of a leading online tech company and health brand

Danette has coached me through some of my darkest personal moments. She led me through a very difficult divorce and helped me find true love again. I have also coached with Danette to help streamline my coaching offers and grow by 5x. She is a leader to leaders and can walk anyone through money growth, personal growth as well as business growth.


- Coach to Fortune 500 Companies + Global CEOs

Let’s get specific.

Get exactly what you need to break through to your next level.

During this Mayan HEALING Journey, we will work together to address everything that is
consciously and subconsciously limiting your growth and potential.

What’s Included

Healing Retreat

5 Day Healing Journey With Danette

Read More
Premium Coaching

Access To 12 Months Of Premium Coaching

Read More
Supplements Box

Earth Echo Superfood Supplements Box

Read More

Access to 12 Months Of FITRISE365

Read More

5 Day Healing Journey With Danette

Healing Experience

Healing Journey

We will be gathering together in a deep healing, 5 day group healing journey to release your past traumas that are subconsciously holding you back from your deep goals and the dreams in your heart.

  • We will work together to help you understand who you were, who you are now, and who you are becoming. What are your pain points? What paradigm are you currently operating on? What direction do you want to go? Why do you feel like you are stuck where you are, and what’s keeping you from your fullest potential?
  • You will be attending this healing journey with fellow women who are on the same journey. Each person there will be on the path to living on purpose, awakening their passion, and they will become your network of individuals that you can befriend and go to when you need support and true friendship.

Effortlessly floating over a forest of lush greenery, facing the unspoiled white sand beaches of the Caribbean, this boutique resort offers a sense of intimacy and connection to nature. Etereo believes in preserving the planet through sustainable practices and using ancient Mayan traditions. As you explore the resort you’ll feel a sense of connection to the Mayan lands, healing herbs and traditional Mayan healers. Etereo’s property is secluded and one of the safest resorts in all of Mexico.




Note: Travel expenses to and from Mexico are not included (including flight and ground transportation to and from the Airport to Riviera Maya)

Access To 12 Months Of Premium Coaching

Premium Coaching

Premium Coaching

My group coaching program where you will receive 24 live group training sessions a year which are also recorded so you can watch, learn and grow at your leisure. Not to mention bonus sessions with guest speakers, and access to the past 6 years’ worth of content and a private community of like minded women.

  • 24 hours of live online group coaching sessions with me
  • Access to 124+ hours of bonus recorded coaching sessions with me to listen to for deeper growth and expansion
  • A private Facebook group of “growth sisters” that will encourage, support and love you 24/7

Earth Echo Superfood Supplements Box

Earth Echo Superfoods

Earth Echo

Including 5 Pouches:

  • Cacao Bliss
  • Golden Superfood Bliss
  • Collagen Peptides
  • Island Bliss
  • Chai Bliss

And 4 Travel Packs:

  • Cacao Bliss
  • Golden Superfood Bliss
  • Chai Bliss
  • Island Bliss

Access to 12 Months Of FITRISE365

FotRise 365

FotRise 365

My online membership community with hundreds of recipes, workouts and meditations… so you can really build that foundation of healing foods, healing movements, and healing mindset.

About Danette May

The Facilitator Of Your Transformation

Danette is one of the world’s leading coaches, health and fitness experts, and a best selling author.

A big part of her mission is helping people like you go to the next level, to help you utilize unseen forces and energy, and to save you from showing up in a way that negatively impacts your personal relationships, your health and your happiness.

So who is Danette?

Business Woman

Danette is the founder of three 8 figure businesses: Mindful Health LLC, Fit Rise 365, & Earth Echo Foods. She started her first company with $47 in her pocket, and her most recent company (Earth Echo superfoods) was named on the Inc 500 list as the #48th Fastest Growing Company in the USA. She recently started her new venture, Manifestival, a non-profit organization focused on sound healing, movement and connecting back to nature.

More importantly, in the process of growing these companies, Danette was able to maintain her integrity. She never sacrificed her family, her friendships, her health or her wellbeing in the process. She created all her companies by operating from her soul's purpose.


As a world-renowned motivational speaker, she has keynoted at some of the biggest entrepreneurial events around the globe, including A-Fest in Portugal & Thailand, the Love & Consciousness Event in Spain, and Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Conference.

Danette starred alongside his Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Amina Mohammed, Marie Forleo, and many other high-impact, accomplished leaders in the culture-shifting We Rise Up movie.

Richard Branson
Amina Mohammed
Tony Robbins

She has also been featured to share her unique, inspiring message to millions on national TV (including Access Hollywood, CBS, Hallmark Home and Family, and many others).

She has created organic content for the world and created videos with over 50M views on Youtube, while also growing her organic following on social media to over 1.8 Million loyal followers on Facebook. She has been able to help over 5 Million people world-wide achieve healthier lifestyles through mindset and coaching courses, superfoods, and health programs.



Danette has coached high level CEO's, World Leaders and Celebrities and helped them overcome self sabotage, release their traumas, and create abundance in their relationship, health, personal and financial goals.

In addition, she was named #16 on Women’s Fitness’ list of fitness & health leaders for 2018, and worked as a celebrity trainer for years.


Danette is the best selling author of over 7 books including The Rise, Embrace Abundance
and many other health and empowerment books.

The Rise
Embrace Abundance.jpg


Danette has volunteered her time and resources to improve this world we live in. She has personally donated over $5M in humanitarian efforts around the globe, traveled to distant lands to share her word, and has donated her time and strength to supporting global causes.

But more importantly than all those accolades and recognitions...

Danette is on a mission to help all of humanity understand their unlimited potential & show up in their divine gifts.


She has been sought after as a VIP coach for impact driven leaders for years, but would only take on clients that she personally knew. She never allowed the public to work directly with her before, but she feels called to serve you and help you rise, like she was able to..

After Danette lost her son during childbirth, she had to navigate a painful divorce, and lost everything. With only $47 to her name, she was able to stop being a victim, and rewrite her story through these life-changing principles, which she wants to share with you.

Wherever you are in your journey, know that you are enough, and you are worthy of whatever dreams and aspirations you’re striving to achieve. Rather than falling victim to our past circumstances or habits, we can use any pain and trauma as fuel for future growth!

See Danette on National Television

There’s a reason that you are here. If you’re being called to this. Let's get started on creating the dream that is in your heart.

Want to go even deeper? We will be offering an exclusive VIP upgrade that will SELL OUT fast! Add your VIP upgrade onto any ticket when you make your selections below.
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Exclusive Enhanced Healing & Integration Upgrade!

This experience will allow you to go even deeper during your time in Mexico and receive additional coaching from Danette by receiving the following:

VIP Upgrade
  • Exclusive group fire side connection & integration time with Danette complete with Mayan cacao elixirs, healthy healing appetizers and the opportunity to process and integrate deeper with Danette in the middle of this healing journey. (valued at $8,000)
  • A luxury traditional Mayan spa treatment with indigenous healers Danette has personally worked with for ultimate healing (valued at $500)
  • Reserved front row seating to all sessions

Total Value:


Only $2,497 for this exclusive upgrade!

Spots are limited and they will sell out fast!
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