Expansion + Growth

Transformational Coaching

The new proven way to succeed in business,
achieve big goals, and harness the raw power inside
of you...that most people can't comprehend!

This Expansion + Growth

Transformational Coaching

Is unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

It is only for a few hand-selected individuals who are looking for ultimate growth spiritually, physically and mentally so they can develop and create the audacious dreams in their hearts.

You and these selected Growth Partners will have:

One on One

One-on-one coaching sessions with renowned coach, business owner and leader Danette May

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An elite healing retreat clearing out old wounding, patterns and programs

Group Coaching with Danette
& other elite coaches in business, relationships and health

These hand-crafted experiences are designed to clear your subconscious blocks and heal the wounds that
might be keeping you stuck, help you operate in your highest, clearest, most efficient state to grow your
business and become a magnet for your dreams.

Who This Is For

You are a rising star!

You have big dreams and for the most part you have accomplished a lot of them. You’ve been able to achieve goals throughout your life, and when you look back, you are proud of yourself… but when you think about the future, you know that you will need to step into an entirely new level of operation in order to achieve what is on your horizon and what is calling your soul.

You are climbing the first great mountain of your life: it is the mountain of action, individual freedom, autonomy, personal happiness and independence.... And you want to do it in a sustainable way. In a way that allows you to make a big impact on the world, without sacrificing your relationships, your health, and your personal integrity.

Well I’m here to tell you that you can achieve all of your big audacious dreams and goals, without leaving your health, your family and your friends in the wake.

There is a new way to do business, life, and achieve BIG goals and harness a power that is in you that most people are not using or even talking about.
  • Do you ever question if it is possible to have it all?
  • Do you ever feel stuck on your journey? One minute you are thriving in your business and then the next minute, life throws curveballs at you, and you are wondering where your profits went?
  • Do you have specific health goals that you keep self sabotaging?
  • Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? You might feel like all of your successes have been due to external factors, and that you really aren’t worthy of others praise or adoration because you view yourself in a very different way than others view you.
  • Do you feel like if you truly dove into creating ultimate success for your business, you wouldn’t be able to have a healthy relationship with your lover or children?
  • Do you find yourself losing your cool, lashing out, or becoming stressed while trying to balance it all?
  • Do you feel like there is a deeper meaning to the world, but you feel like you are trapped inside The Matrix, and you want to learn to harness an unseen force to make a bigger impact?
  • Do you feel like you drive too hard, but it is at the expense of your health, your happiness and your relationships?
  • Have you felt like you’ve had to step so much into your masculine energy to “do” and “achieve”, and now you can’t remember how to “flow” and “receive” effortlessly in order to truly harness the unseen forces of the universe?
  • Do you feel like there is some unseen, unconscious fear or limiting belief that is stopping you from taking that next leap?

Maybe even the little things that you used to take for granted have started to evade you: restful sleep, intimacy, trust, confidence, being able to sit quietly and breathe, enjoying nourishing foods, or even feeling inner peace.

So, while on the surface, you are well on your way... BUT something is definitely in the way of you reaching your fullest potential and achieving the next level of your financial success, health, emotional happiness and fulfillment.

So what is holding you back from going to the next level?

Deep down, you suspect that what’s holding you back… is YOU. Even though you are ready to change and step into your fullest potential, it still hasn’t happened. Why not?

The key to finally becoming the very best version of yourself… has always been INSIDE YOU.

But, without the right guidance and support to remove your unknown blocks, cellular patterning, and pain, you may never reach your unlimited potential.

Then this Expansion + Growth Transformational Coaching may be exactly what your soul’s been calling in.

It is my purpose in life to help others just like you to unleash your fullest potential, to harness an unseen force of energy that makes life flow and allows more abundance to come in so you can become your truest, fullest version of yourself.

For years I’ve been asked by countless leaders, followers, celebrities and people of influence to coach them personally to help them stay in alignment with the goals they set for themselves.

Whats Included

More importantly, to not make unhealthy compromises along the way.

For the very first time, I’m opening up a hybrid program of one-on-one coaching, a healing retreat, and an intimate group coaching and mastermind for only 10 high level thinkers, action takers, business owners, impact leaders, and growth partners specifically dedicated to helping you overcome any subconscious blocks, discover any lingering traumas, heal, nurture, and manifest your most vibrant life…

Expansion + Growth

Transformational Coaching


  • High Level Transformational Coaching with me for 9 months
    • 2 Sessions of 1:1 Private Coaching with me
    • 10 Sessions of Intimate Group Coaching with up to 10 other Expansion + Growth PARTNERS with Danette (and Special Guest coaches) to help expand your Business, Relationships and Health.
  • 7 Day Costa Rica Healing Retreat
    • Your luxury rooms / accommodation and healing foods will all be covered at a 5 star healing retreat while you are in Costa Rica
    • You will also have a private dinner with Danette and your Expansion + Growth PARTNERS at a special location while in Costa Rica
  • Access to 12 months of Premium Coaching for an additional 24 live group coaching sessions with Danette
  • Access to over 75 archived Premium Coaching Sessions by Danette for even more on-demand growth
  • A 30 Day Supply of all Earth Echo Foods so you are set up for success in your physical healing journey
  • 1 year unlimited member access to FitRise 365 for over 150 healing recipes, workouts and meditations.

In This Program...

I’ll help you harness your personal, financial and business goals... all while feeling more steady and aligned than ever before.


I’ve studied deeply about the power of the mind and how it affects every decision we make, and I want to share that with you so that you can break free of negative emotions by using specific strategies that take less time than drawn out therapy sessions.

Working with me is unique... I not only use practical coaching tools, but will dive into metaphysical energy to help maneuver traumas, rewire old patterns, and create deep healing through the body, while facilitating an energetic upleveling.

I have privately been the coach for some of the top coaches and entrepreneurs out there. I’m sharing all of those transformational experiences with YOU to help you get to the next level in every area of your life:

  • Release old patternings and find internal peace and joy daily
  • Step more fully into energetic upleveling to release self-sabotage
  • Set up healthy boundaries with your family and other relationships
  • Become a better speaker and communicator
  • Harness unlimited energy to increase your mental and physical efficiencies
  • Learn to trust, delegate and lead from a state of inspiration
  • Create abundance in all areas of your life
  • Grow your business to achieve financial abundance
  • Improve your health practices to create clarity and consistent physical energy
  • Create a personalized healing program that allows for increased and efficient physical output
  • Release trapped weight, toxins and physical ailments in your body
  • Harness more magnetic, passionate, and intimate relationships

How do I know this? Because I have personally “walked the walk” of everything I teach…

The strategies I’m going to share with you in our time together are the ones I adopted in order to turn $47 into three 8-figure businesses in less than 6 years. In addition, they supported me through me losing my son, going through a divorce, and getting me out of deep financial ruin.

But before we dive into any more details, let’s make sure you are ready for this investment in yourself.

Because of my commitment to my High Level Coaching clients, I am ONLY able to take on 10 Expansion + Growth TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING clients at this time. In addition, because this level of coaching will be in an intimate group setting of inspired leaders and growth partners, I have to be fiercely protective of who joins this group.

The entire group will all be working together to achieve their goals, and we need to make sure that each person involved is fully committed.

Start Your Journey

So, to be clear, you may only apply if you meet the following criteria:


You must be fully ready to truly surrender into transformation.


You want (and are ready for) radical growth, honesty, and effective change in your relationships, personal health, and finances and you are willing to do what it takes to make these changes in your life.


You are ready to invest 5-figures into yourself and into the tools you need to create your ultimate future.

If you can take a deep look at yourself and honestly say that this is you, then I invite you to apply here

Apply Now

And if you qualify, a trusted team member of mine will get all of the information
you need in order to solidify your spot.

Want to hear how this will

Change Your Life?

Grace Smith

The very first conversation I had with Danette May completely changed my business, my relationship with my husband, who is also my business partner, and my life. I completely transformed my role in business. I stopped doing things that I thought I had to do, which were slowing us down. I got fully into my zone of genius.

My husband stepped into his and our relationship and our business was taken to the next level. I am so very grateful for Danette’s deep wisdom about business and relationships and specifically relationships IN business in my life.

Grace Smith

- World Renowned Hypnotherapist

Tracy Hermes

Danette has literally changed my life. I’ve heard if you want to be successful, find someone who is already doing it and do what they do. Danette generously shares from her heart what she has done to find optimal health in her body, mind and spirit, and coaches us to find belief in the... Read More +

Tracy Hermes

- #1 Best Selling Children's Book Author

Tracy Hermes

Danette has literally changed my life. I’ve heard if you want to be successful, find someone who is already doing it and do what they do. Danette generously shares from her heart what she has done to find optimal health in her body, mind and spirit, and coaches us to find belief in the end of our stories! I have found the self-love I deserve; the belief in myself, by understanding that the words we speak are who we are becoming; along with healthy foods and exercises and movements that serve me.

She guides us to be aware of our limiting beliefs and gives us the tools we need to change them to empowering ones. She is the real deal. If we don’t have our health, we have nothing…and she is the healthy lifestyle expert we all deserve to have for a great life. I have claimed my identity thanks to her outstanding coaching skills, as she passionately dreams for all of us. Lao-Tzu said that the best leaders are the ones who, when their work is done, the people will say, we did it ourselves! That is who she is.

Tracy Hermes

- #1 Best Selling Children's Book Author

Nayri Geary

I have had amazing results working directly with Danette and attending her high level healing retreats. I have healed from a lot of sexual trauma I had, which has deepened my intimate relationships and the relationship I have with myself. She is a healer and is connected to a lot of healers... Read More +

Nayri Geary

- Entrepreneur

Nayri Geary

I have had amazing results working directly with Danette and attending her high level healing retreats. I have healed from a lot of sexual trauma I had, which has deepened my intimate relationships and the relationship I have with myself.

She is a healer and is connected to a lot of healers, who make her coaching and her retreats one of a kind and deeply transformational. The work she does is deep, helps you forgive and makes you feel completely free and expansive. If you can work with Danette or attend one of her retreats, do it! You won't regret it.

Nayri Geary

- Entrepreneur

Danette helped me see hidden blocks I had around my relationships. Most people see me as a successful business entrepreneur with healthy relationships. Behind the curtain, I have struggled with toxic relationships, worthiness and self sabotage. Danette is someone you can trust and has an ability to not only work on the conscious goal setting part of your brain, but takes you through cellular experiences that allow for tremendous growth and peace.


- CEO of a leading online tech company and health brand

Danette has coached me through some of my darkest personal moments. She led me through a very difficult divorce and helped me find true love again. I have also coached with Danette to help streamline my coaching offers and grow by 5x. She is a leader to leaders and can walk anyone through money growth, personal growth as well as business growth.


- Coach to Fortune 500 Companies + Global CEOs

Let’s get specific.

Get exactly what you need to break through to your next level.
Expansion + Growth TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING is a 9 month journey to your next level.

You’ll work with Danette May, one of the world’s leading coaches, to address everything that is
consciously and subconsciously limiting your growth and potential.

What’s Included

Transformational Coaching

High Level Transformational Coaching Sessions With Danette

Read More
Healing Retreat

7 Day Healing Retreat With Danette

Read More
Premium Coaching

Access To 12 Months Of Premium Coaching

Read More
Supplements Box

Earth Echo Superfood Supplements Box

Read More

Access to 12 Months Of FITRISE365

Read More

High Level Transformational Coaching
Sessions With Danette

Transformational Coaching

Coaching Sessions

2 Private Sessions 1:1 With Danette

During these private sessions, we’ll work together to break through the barriers that are keeping you stuck or sabotaging your success. These will be based on your needs, just the two of us.

We’ll work together to pinpoint the areas in your life that are impacting your ability to step into your true purpose and take your life / business to the next level. We’ll work together to find your keys to cultivating and maintaining meaningful relationships, so that you have a supportive framework for the future. We’ll uncover and then create action plans around any subconscious thought patterns blocking your personal and professional development.

10 Group Coaching Sessions 1:1 With Danette

During these intimate group sessions, we will work together to solidify your goals, define your impact, and discover your deep truths. It will be a hand selected group of invite-only curated individuals that are like minded and committed to expansion. You can think of this group as your personal mastermind, all focused on helping each other expand. This will be focused on accountability and connections for deeper insights. This will be up to 10 epic people who are here in support of each other, to grow together in business, finances, healing, and relationships in order to cultivate massive growth, peace and fulfillment.

I have sought out some of the best business coaches in the world as guest speakers to provide you the most value. We will be working together to shift you from operating in your old paradigms and wounding, and to step into your expansion and fullest expression so that you are coming from a productive, clear, peaceful place.

7 Day Healing Retreat With Danette

Healing Retreat

Healing Retreat

We will be gathering together in a deep healing, 7 day small group experience to release your past traumas that are subconsciously holding you back from your audacious goals and the dreams in your heart.

  • This event will not be just speaking to your mind. We will be going deep into your depths, deep into your emotions, and deep into your heart to create lasting change in your life by getting to the cause of your setbacks, rather than trying to treat your symptoms. By clearing out the underlying drivers of your negative results, we can remove most of your day-to-day issues and challenges.
  • We will be doing massive healing with healers from around the globe, in a deep way to uncover and release any habits of self-sabotage you might be clinging to (procrastination, overindulgence, ignoring your negative emotions, perfectionism, or indecisiveness). We will work together to eliminate these patterns and shift them to be less pervasive in your life.
  • This is a deep healing experience with me and other curated global healers to release your past traumas that are subconsciously holding you back from your goals and the dreams in your heart.
  • We will work together to help you understand who you were, who you are now, and who you are becoming. What are your pain points? What paradigm are you currently operating on? What direction do you want to go? Why do you feel like you are stuck where you are, and what’s keeping you from your fullest potential?
  • You will be attending this retreat with individuals who are on the same journey. Each person has been personally invited and vetted so that this highly curated network of people you are exposed to can help you in your advancement in your goals. Each person there will be on the path to living on purpose, awakening their passion, and they will become your elite network of strong individuals that you can befriend and go to when you need help or have a missing link.
  • One of the biggest issues with most other retreat style events is that many people leave immediately after the retreat and go right back into old habits, old environments, and you don’t have the proper time to decompress, to integrate the learnings, and to digest and review learnings. We will be creating that space and time for you by planning that integration time for you during this event so that you don’t have to create that space once you get home. This will allow you to solidify all of these deep transformations and repatternings into your cells.

What to expect:

  • I have curated the world’s best healers, indigenous ceremonies, coaching sessions, and content specifically for this event for perfect synergy to help with transformative healing. We will be facilitating 8 years of therapy in ONE WEEK.
  • Transformation is also created in PLAY and decompression. You can expect to have fun, laughter and very specific activities planned for transformation. You will be enjoying adventures you can only do in this region of Costa Rica with your new favorite people.
  • You will also be invited to an exclusive, private dinner with Danette and your EXPANSION + Growth Members (up to 10 people) at a special private location during the Costa Rica Healing Retreat


  • Your accommodations and food are all included during this trip.
  • Your room and this resort has a very sleek, Balinese eco-luxe design with sacred spaces, walking distance to the beach & jungle (which is perfect for quiet contemplation and integration). Blending seamlessly into the natural landscape, the treehouses and grounds of Bodhi Tree Wellness Resort are designed to inspire a feeling of home in harmony with nature. Feast on the breathtaking jungle as you dine al-fresco, wake with the howler monkeys, meditate beside gentle streams, and be serenaded by the symphony of the jungle.
  • You will be staying in a luxe king suite, with clean, beautifully appointed spaces with canopied beds, vaulted wood-beam ceilings, air-conditioning, and outdoor space. The rooms are quiet retreats where you can rest and reflect.
  • You will have access to the area’s premier retreat for fitness, wellness, yoga and classes. With six indoor and outdoor shalas, an international staff, a juice bar for green smoothies and energy shots, and only healthy, organic food at the restaurant.


  • Like parts of Okinawa, Armenia, Sardinia and a handful of other blessed places, the picturesque Nicoya Peninsula in the Central American nation of Costa Rica is considered to be a “Blue Zone” and boasts one of the highest human longevity rates in the world.
  • Besides yoga, the Bodhi Tree offers additional fitness classes like indoor cycling, Pilates, boxing, qigong, barre, and samba. There’s also a fitness center with modern LifeFitness cardio and weight-lifting equipment. Those looking for a truly Costa Rican inspired workout can check out the on-site Bodhi Del Mar Surf camp -- a collaboration between the hotel and the local Del Mar Surf camp. Guests can book individual surf lessons, or participate in the hotel’s regularly occurring surf and yoga retreats.
  • The Bodhi Tree’s wellness focus continues in its spa, a small space with three rooms that offers an array of health-inspired treatments. Beyond relaxing massages and facials, the spa offers treatments like lymphatic drainage, abdominal cupping, and Reiki. It even has physical therapy sessions for those who may be injured.


  • WIFI: While plenty of guests remain unplugged during their stay, the resort does offer free Wi-Fi
  • POOL: The Bodhi Tree has a stunning pool in the center of its property. The long narrow pool is surrounded by cushioned lounge chairs, and it's a popular spot for guests to relax throughout the day.
    Turquoise mosaic tiles give the pool a bright shimmery quality, which is colorfully enhanced by bright orange umbrellas and stunning green foliage. The atmosphere around the pool is serene -- almost spa-like. While children are welcome at The Bodhi Tree, families with little ones may feel out of place here, especially around the pool. This isn’t the kind of place where kids splash around and cause ruckus. In fact, rowdiness -- in the pool and around the property -- is frowned upon.


  • The Bodhi Tree is one of Nosara’s most upscale properties, and Nosara offers the perfect blend of rustic Costa Rica and modern convenience. Its gravel roads have local coconut vendors next to chic boutiques, Tico Sodas (neighborhood food joints), and yoga classes are as widely available as surf lessons. Nosara is known throughout Costa Rica for having some of the best and most consistent wave breaks in the country, which compels surf enthusiasts from around the world to relocate here. Though Nosara is one of the safest destinations in Costa Rica, the hotel employs 24/7 security.

Note: Travel expenses to and from Nosara are not included.

Access To 12 Months Of Premium Coaching

Premium Coaching

Premium Coaching

My group coaching program where you will receive 24 live group training sessions a year which are also recorded so you can watch, learn and grow at your leisure. Not to mention bonus sessions with guest speakers, and access to the past 4 years’ worth of content and a private community of like minded women and men.

  • 24 hours of live online group coaching sessions with me
  • Access to 75 hours of bonus recorded coaching sessions with me to listen to for deeper growth and expansion
  • 4 special guest coaching bonus sessions over the course of the year
  • A private Facebook group of “growth sisters” that will encourage, support and love you 24/7

Earth Echo Superfood Supplements Box

Earth Echo Superfoods

Earth Echo

  • Cacao Bliss
  • Golden Superfood Bliss
  • Chai Bliss
  • Island Bliss
  • Turmeric + Ginger Capsules
  • Probiotics
  • Collagen
  • Cacao Lover’s Cookbook

Access to 12 Months Of FITRISE365

FotRise 365

FotRise 365

My online membership community with hundreds of recipes, workouts and meditations… so you can really build that foundation of healing foods, healing movements, and healing mindset.

About Danette May

The Facilitator Of Your Transformation

Danette is one of the world’s leading coaches, health and fitness experts, and a best selling author.

A big part of her mission is helping people like you go to the next level, to help you utilize unseen forces and energy, and to save you from showing up in a way that negatively impacts your personal relationships, your health and your happiness.

So who is Danette?

Business Woman

Danette is the founder of three 8 figure businesses: Mindful Health LLC, Fit Rise 365, & Earth Echo Foods. She started her first company with $47 in her pocket, and her most recent company (Earth Echo superfoods) was started only 18 months ago, and has already hit the Forbes Fortune 500 list as the #48th Fastest Growing Company in the USA.

More importantly, in the process of growing these companies, Danette was able to maintain her integrity. She never sacrificed her family, her friendships, her health or her wellbeing in the process. She created all her companies by operating from her soul's purpose.


As a world-renowned motivational speaker, she has keynoted at some of the biggest entrepreneurial events around the globe, including A-Fest in Portugal & Thailand, the Love & Consciousness Event in Spain, and Dave Asprey’s Biohacking Conference.

Danette starred alongside his Holiness the Dalai Lama, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Amina Mohammed, Marie Forleo, and many other high-impact, accomplished leaders in the culture-shifting We Rise Up movie.

Richard Branson
Amina Mohammed
Tony Robbins

She has also been featured to share her unique, inspiring message to millions on national TV (including Access Hollywood, CBS, Hallmark Home and Family, and many others).

She has created organic content for the world and created videos with over 50M views on Youtube, while also growing her organic following on social media to over 1.8 Million loyal followers on Facebook. She has been able to help over 5 Million people world-wide achieve healthier lifestyles through mindset and coaching courses, superfoods, and health programs.



Danette has coached high level CEO's, World Leaders and Celebrities and helped them overcome self sabotage, release their traumas, and create abundance in their relationship, health, personal and financial goals.

In addition, she was named #16 on Women’s Fitness’ list of fitness & health leaders for 2018, and worked as a celebrity trainer for years.


Danette is the best selling author of over 7 books including The Rise, Embrace Abundance
and many other health and empowerment books.

The Rise
Embrace Abundance.jpg


Danette has volunteered my time and resources to improve this world we live in. She has personally donated over $5M in humanitarian efforts around the globe, traveled to distant lands to share my word, and has donated her time and strength to supporting global causes.

But more importantly than all those accolades and recognitions...

Danette is on a mission to help all of humanity understand their unlimited potential & show up in their divine gifts.


She has been sought after as a VIP coach for impact driven leaders for years, but would only take on clients that she personally knew. She never allowed the public to work directly with her before, but she feels called to serve you and help you rise, like she was able to.

After Danette lost her son during childbirth, she had to navigate a painful divorce, and lost everything. With only $47 to her name, she was able to stop being a victim, and rewrite her story through these life-changing principles, which she wants to share with you.

Wherever you are in your journey, know that you are enough, and you are worthy of whatever dreams and aspirations you’re striving to achieve. Rather than falling victim to our past circumstances or habits, we can use any pain and trauma as fuel for future growth!

There’s a reason that you are here. If you’re being called to this. This is an invite only, first come, first serve program.

Lets get started on creating the dream that is in your heart. Lets unleash your fullest potential.

It’s Time!

Its Time Dannete Img

Expansion + Growth

Transformational Coaching

Fill out the application below and someone on my team
will be reaching out to you within 48 hours.

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