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Brandi’s sweets cravings are GONE and she’s amazed she’s never hungry on this plan!

I feel amazing with this program! I’m energetic, strong, and never too hungry. I eat 5-6 times a day and the recipes are really delicious. I have never been able to do a push up in my life but now I can do many with very little effort getting to this point. The Facebook group is a big help when you talk to others doing the same, comparing recipes, and laughing at silly moments together. Also, and this is big, I don’t crave sweets!

Brandi Catoire

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Tina has worked hard to excape the yo-yo cycle! Danette’s programs gave her a sustematic approach and she says she couldn’t have done it without the “Tribe!”!

I've spent the last several years on a personal discovery journey and it's been the most amazing and transformational thing I've ever done. I've worked hard…really hard. I've had to learn a new kind of discipline and commitment. Most of all I needed to learn how to love me. Love and respect myself….first. I’ve tried so many things through the years in that constant search of self. Nothing worked. I yo-yoed. Although everything on paper said I should be happy, I just wasn’t.
Danette’s programs gave me a systematic approach to figure it out, all in a loving and judgement free safe zone filled with a community of sisters who share it all with each other. Sisters who wrap love around us all as we share our triumphs and deepest regrets. Space where we can fail and be lifted up in the most powerful of ways. Danette is always there to guide and direct us as we laugh and cry as a tribe. This tribe was (and what continues to be to this day) what has allowed me to move through the process of letting go of who I thought I was supposed to be and stepping into who I am meant to be. In the long, beautiful, hard and messy process, I found my passion and purpose.
In 2016, I started a business called True You. Altough part-time NOW is the time to take this to the next level. I want to dedicate my life to this work every single minute of every single day. I know it is what I was put on this earth to do. Rise myself and help others rise. Transformation. This is how we transform and pay it forward. Danette has helped me transform my mind, my body and my soul to depths I never dreamed possible.
My advice, let the seeds soak in. Follow the process, even when you don’t want to. Own what you own. I owe it all to Danette and this tribe. Danette is an angel on earth. She provides the process and the tools to get there in a space where thousands of cheerleaders help along the way.
We are ALL here to shine our light. Programming convinces us to hide in the darkness. No more for me. I choose me and I choose light.
I am alive and awake. So much to do! Let’s lock arms and make it happen!
So much love and massive gratitude to Danette and the TRIBE! XO

Tina Paulus-Krause

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Kristin was in a very dark place both pysically & mentally before finding Danette but has boosted her health & is now living a life with NO LIMITS!

Before Danette popped up on my FB, I was in a very dark place… About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and nearly lost my life. Blood sugar over 700! When I came to in ICU I was basically told I needed to be cautious and make drastic changes in my lifestyle. So here’s the deal, I’m a free spirit and am extremely adventurous!! Fearless! This diagnosis scared the crap out of me! Oh yeah, It happened on my wedding day to my now ex. The limo bus and wedding party drove me to the ER. Never made it to my reception. My step-nephew Danny was shot and killed in the Chardon High School shooting. Incredibly tragic and traumatic for me and my family. Then I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease about 7 years ago. 2 years ago my 16-day old newborn baby nephew was severely abused by his father and to top it all my nephew Nick was killed in a car accident! Complete devastation… I was broken. Angry. Dark. Empty. I was a lost soul. 💔I wasn’t taking care of myself. My diabetes was horrible I gained weight and I didn’t care! Then came this beautiful angel Danette and my life was forever changed! She knew the pain. The loss and the hurt! She gave me hope. So I dove all into her program and turned my life around! I wanted it so badly but didn’t know where to start. All of the tools I have learned and the changes I have made within myself and my health is incredible! My a1c went from 7.5 to 6.4! I was able to decrease my insulin, and my Synthroid has decreased! And I am living a life led by my heart! This life is an adventure and nothing can or will stop me! No limits! Thank you, Danette, for creating this amazing program and I will forever love you and continue to grow!💕 Trial, Tribulations, Trauma and Tragedy = TRANSFORMATION ??

Kristin Samsa Zako

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Keri lost weight but what she gained was even bigger – she found purpose in her life!

So In love with this program, the left pic was before I started the 30 day challenge last year In April, the pic on the right is a year after my 30 day challenge. My main goal is to have a purpose in life and I’m finding it through this program

Keri Romero

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Holly battled with colitis, inflammation, insominia & severe anxiety but has found the “special door” to coping effectively with life’s obstacles and has gained so much more than a body that feels and looks good!

One of my saving graces in my life, was joining Danette May nutrition fitness program as I was fighting relapsing from a severe year and a half bout with colitis that left my intestinal system and well being compromised. I suffered inflammation of the gut and body, migraines headaches almost daily, chronic insomnia (not self imposed staying up late), severe anxiety, and eventually a loss of confidence due to feeling so worn down from illness and challenges along the way. Danette is a nutrition fitness expert whose program I've followed for 2 years now. I am quite healthy now even though I deal with some physical issues, which I still manage to get through thanks to the nutritional tools I have learned from Danette and meditation and mindset coaching. This was the key that unlocked that special door. Despite any obstacles, I am stronger than ever before in mind, body, spirit. Through Danette's program, which combines nutrition, movement and mindset through meditations and coaching, I have managed to shift my internal thoughts and remove mental tapes/subtext/chatter that did not serve me. The result is I deal much more calmly, effectively with life obstacles and challenges and my vision is more open to unlimited possibility, trust in myself, knowing that the power is within me not in outside sources. I've gained much more than my health and a body that feels good and looks good. I gained tools for a long lasting happy life, awesome awareness and strong loving community of high vibrational beings.

Holly Lombardi


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50 year old Therisa successfully sheds 22 lbs after a knee replacement!

I started the program to learn how to eat healthily and get back to working out. Having had knee surgery August 2016 and a total knee replacement March 2017 this program makes me stronger and stronger each day. From doing a workout half of one round to doing all 3!!! Even though suffering from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis I’ve lost over 22 pounds on the program and have kept it off for over a year now. This program has changed my life forever and I have met some wonderful women in the Fit Rise Tribe who encourages me and I hope to do the same for others. At age 50 I am living proof this program works! Mindset, meditation, self-love, showing up for yourself and being consistent is what has worked for me and are keeping me on track and I keep learning to grow with the Premium Coaching calls. Thank you Danette May for helping me to live a better way I’m forever grateful and feel so ever blessed to be here.

Therisa Nanos