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I am in LOVE!

I am loving this program. I began January 2017. Feeling healthier and happier!!

Lynn Bowen Tucknies

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No second guessing here!

I love the way I choose foods now and that I don’t second guess myself with healthy choices I make or with recipes. Our Facebook group is a great resource for new ideas as well as the Forever Fit site. I love how I have an amazing support system. Cooking the recipes, I know they are both delicious and good for me too, which isn’t a limitation, but another empowering part of this amazing healthy lifestyle.

MJ Wheeler Jones

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Toni feels like a MILLION bucks!

I want to let you know that I have been on your Fit Rise program for a few days and I have lost 5 lbs! More then anything I feel like a million dollars!! All thanks to the Cacao Bliss and the wonderful recipes you have created for me for my personal profile. Thank you for giving me back my life!!! I never had so much energy! I had gone to the doctors thinking there was something medically wrong with me. It was all about eating the healthy foods and drinking Cocao Bliss and the other protein powders along with the exercise. You're the Best!! Toni xo

Toni Esser

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Roula replaced her coffee with THIS and she’s not looking back

Cacao Bliss has been a good fix for my afternoons since I completely stopped coffe from the first day I started 30 day challenge. It keeps me awake, it calms me. I enjoy it at work as an afternoon snack as it wakes me up, or at home when having few relaxing minutes to keep me energized. It is a great product and I am loving it. Thank you

Roula Haddad

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Coffee has never made me feel so clear.

Cacao Bliss is delicious in my coffee. I'm looking forward to trying the recipes in the free cacao bliss recipe e-book i received. It's amazing how happy i feel when I indulge in Cacao Bliss with my coffee. I've had energy drinks that give you that boost, but they've never made me feel like my worries or concerns were lifted at the moment. It's like a clear fresh breath of air and love.

Vicki Kohls

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Caroline gained self-confidence, self-worth, massive energy & will power and now lives life to the fullest!

There are truly no words strong enough to describe it!
I see it as a rebirth and fell as though as I have gained a lot more than I actually care about having lost (eventhough I now know that I have in fact lost quite a bit and feel great about it!).
I have gained self-confidence and self-worth, massive energy and will power. I’ve learned to truly love and respect myself and to live my life to the full and so much more… the list is long!
I am forever grateful to Danette May for creating such a life changing program. I am grateful to all of the dedicated and loving #mentors for their love and constant support in helping us achieve this and to all of you in and out gorgeous sisters for being such amazing sports and for being so understanding, supportive and loving with each other from day 1!


Caroline Renaud