5 Ways To Destroy Sugar Cravings Forever

Plain and simple…white sugar is one of THE WORST things you can put into your body. You already know that it’s bad for your teeth, but you may not know that it also has detrimental effects on your metabolism and that it can contribute to all sorts of diseases. Sugar also promotes weight gain – and, is […]

Heat Up Your Health and Weight Loss With Cayenne Pepper

Do you love spicy foods? If so, you’re probably not happy until your mouth is on fire and your eyes are watering. Even if you don’t like spicy foods, what I am about to tell you might make you learn to love cayenne peppers. The good news is you don’t necessarily have to eat cayenne to feel […]

3 Ways to Drink Baking Soda for Better Health

Many of you may have been using baking soda around your home for years without ever even knowing what it is. We did a little digging to uncover the mystery. It turns out that sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is a chemical salt that, in its natural form, is the mineral nahcolite. Baking soda can react as […]

Drink This to KILL Hunger Pangs

Did you know one of the MAIN reasons that so many people get off track when dieting and attempting to lose weight is those nagging hunger pangs? They can derail the best of us with intense hunger taking over our mind, whittling away our will power until it practically no longer exists. When this happens, […]

Six steps to prep for a cleanse

If you’re concerned about your weight and being in great shape, you’ve probably heard about cleansing diets – you may have even tried one or two at some point. A number of celebrities have touted some of these diets that often focus more on short term results that can be nearly impossible to maintain over […]

7 foods that BOOST your metabolism

Whether you are sleeping, working, relaxing or exercising, your body is constantly burning calories. That’s great news, right? Well, mostly. Let me explain… In order to burn more calories and prevent storing too many calories as fat and extra weight, you need to INCREASE your metabolism. There are some key things you can do to […]