Fitness Fads and the Home Versions

Fitness Fads and the Home Versions One of the hottest trends right now is “at home fitness”, or the “no gym required workouts.” People are finding amazing results by sweating it out in the comfort of their own home, on their own time. The top 3 at home fitness programs that are out today is: P90X, Rip60, and Insanity.

Personal Trainer Danette Allen explains what each one does, and how to do your own version at home.

I have personally gone through each one of these programs and was talent in the Rip60 videos and created the meal plan. I am going to take you through each “At home exercise program”, and explain what is required and give you an example of some of the movements that each one uses so that you can decide which program is right for you. I can honestly say that each one of these programs will deliver results if you follow its guidelines and participate fully in the meal plan.

P90x: Cost: $120

Duration: 90 days- 1hr/day

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, pull up bar, and resistance bands

This 12 DVD + nutrition plan workout is a strength based exercise routine. The science behind this work out is muscle confusion. Changing up the movements, so that you burn more calories in one hour by confusing the muscular system. You will use dumbbells, resistance tubes, and a pull up bar in these work outs. This is a 90 day program, exercising 1 hour/day. Some examples of movements are: pull-ups, 1 arm abdominal crunch and dumbbell rotation.

Rip60: Cost: $129

Duration: 60 Days- 45 min. /day

Equipment Needed: None-comes w/ Rotational Straps

This exercise program comes w/ 12 progressive DVD's, nutritional plan and rotational straps. These DVD's progress from week 1-week 8, making it so any one, at any level can start and succeed. The science behind this work out is the optimization zone. It comes in using the straps to leverage your body so that you can go a full minute without stopping. Some examples of the movements used are: back rotation, side oblique, and triceps extension.

Insanity: Cost: $120

Duration: 60 days-1 hr/day

Equipment: None, uses your own body weight

This 60 day, 12 DVD challenge is just like it is called. Insane! The movements used in this work out use your own body weight to burn calories. The science behind Insanity is called Max Interval training. This workout is based around many plyometric drills that make it feel like an hour of extreme cardio. Examples of common movements used are: knee slappers, punching arms, and front leg kicks.

Yours in Health,

Danette May