Monica shed 20 lbs and 10 inches and is leaner than she was 8 years ago!

Here is my 1 year update! I started Danette's 30-day program at the end of April 2017, shorty after ordering her free abs workout video (from seeing a Facebook ad). I really loved her program and the results I was seeing that I decided to become a member of forever fit. I had been on the weight loss rollercoaster for the last 2 years with another program losing weight in the summer only to gain it back in the winter 😕 so I was really in search for something that would help me overcome that challenge and shift my thinking to a long-term lifestyle. In the year I've been following Danette's program I've lost 20 lbs, over 10 inches just on my waist and hips alone! And I am in the smallest pant size that I could remember since having kids, my oldest is 20. Last time I was at my current weight was 8 years ago but I am actually 1 size leaner. My weight loss was slower this time but I am happy that I've made it a year and haven't put the weight back on. I truly do see this as a long-term lifestyle. February I decided to do the 3-day detox again to reset my eating habits and it worked! I started losing weight again and dropped another size. Having the changes in the website helped too because of the meal plan, it made it so much easier for me to stick to it more closely. The Facebook group has been really helpful in getting my questions answered and I love reading about everyone's progress. I love this program and I talk about it with anybody that will listen!