Total weight loss of 26 lbs!

“I have loved the community because I am a person who likes to be told what to do and how to do it when it comes to weight loss and eating. This is exactly what I have needed in my life. I loved that the workouts were different every week and kept things fresh and new. I loved being involved with the others in the group and hearing about what they were going through too. It was encouraging and uplifting. The recipes from Eat Drink and Shrink are great. Some of my favorites as well as my kids are: Coconut Pumpkin soup with chicken, whole wheat pizza, turkey BLTs, protein balls….the chocolate ones, and the whole wheat pastas. It feels so good to eat clean and eat for energy! I had total weight loss of 26 lbs. My overall experience summed up into one word would be….FREEING! I feel free of guilt, of hopelessness, of negative talk about myself, and it feels soooooo good! I have tried many other diets and either couldn’t stick to it or it just didn’t make sense to my body. This program and clean eating feels so good and I just want others who have struggled with weight loss to have this same opportunity. The workouts every week have made me feel like I can move again and because I am smaller now it is amazing and I am so happy that I’m not as self conscious any more. My confidence in myself has grown so much and it is all from eating the way I know I should be and getting movement that I have longed for. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this. Thank you Danette!!!”

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