I lost 14 pounds, 19 inches, and I dropped 2 pants and 2 shirt sizes!

“The Forever Fit Challenge was unlike anything I have ever done. I have tried every weight loss program that I could get my hands on and none of them ended up being successful because they were not sustainable for long periods of time. I can’t count calories the rest of my life, I cannot log my food into my phone or computer every time I take a bite, I don’t want to eat 2 shakes per day and a sensible dinner, I don’t want to eat baby food the rest of my life… but eating whole foods 6 times per day in sensible portions and having my energy increase, my skin clear, my waist line shrink, etc, etc. etc – now THAT I can do for the rest of my life. Actually I WANT to do that for the rest of my life! This concept is sustainable, the portions and foods are filling enough that you don’t feel deprived and you also don’t feel over-full. The workouts are wonderful as well. I am a busy Mom of 2 girls and don’t have the time to work out an hour per day! This program offers well-rounded workouts that increase the strength of the entire body without the use of weights or machines. The best thing is that none of the workouts are longer than 30 minutes (with an occasional 40 minute cardio workout). I feel that the community has been absolutely vital in this experience. You always hear how much easier it is to reach your goals if you find a “workout buddy”. Well I found an entire community to workout with, set goals with and share both victories and challenges with. It is wonderful to know that even if no one around you know what you are going through or has common goals and/or desires – you have a community of people that are right there with you! The first major change I noticed with the Eat, Drink and Shrink recipes and meal plans was that I went from never eating breakfast because I only liked the “bad” breakfast food (waffles, cereal, etc.) and didn’t want to carb-load in the mornings. The meal plan taught me that it is ok to have yogurt, a few berries, a piece of toast AND some veggies for breakfast. I no longer feel deprived and confused in the morning as to what I should eat. My favorite recipes are definitely the Peanut Butter Balls, the Cocoa / Date Balls and the Tropical Trail Mix! They are better than anything you can get in the store! I lost 14 pounds, 19 inches, and I dropped 2 pants and 2 shirt sizes!”

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