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Tips for Getting Past a Food Craving

You know what I'm talking about. You’ve been doing well all day, maybe even for several days. You’ve exercised regularly and stuck to your eating plan. You’ve done everything right and are starting to feel and see a difference. Then along comes a craving and you’re staring at the bottom of a bag of chips. People try lots of ... Watch Video »

Best Pre and Post Workout Meals

Today I'm going to answer a question that I get asked all the time! You already know that working out should be a part of your daily routine. You know you feel better on the days you work out. There's no question, it improves your health and boosts your mental well-being. To make sure that you're getting the most out of your workout, you ... Watch Video »

Healthy Blueberry Muffins

Join me today in my kitchen and see exactly how easy it is to make these healthy blueberry muffins. Your kids won't even realize they're eating something that's good for them when they taste this yummy recipe! Enjoy! Yours in health and happiness, Danette P.S. I invite you to share this yummy recipe with your friends and I ... Watch Video »

How to Help Knee, Hip and Back Problems

Tune in to learn a few preventive steps you can do before you think about surgery, to alleviate knee, back and hip problems! I'm here to help you feel your best as I introduce you to a few key stretches, beginning with your piriformis muscle. Grab a lacrosse ball, foam roller, and a mat, and let's work together to release tension, and ... Watch Video »

Supplements I Take (you asked, I answered)

I get asked a lot about what I take in the way of supplements, so I made this quick video to answer that very question for you today. This is what I am taking currently, and I remind you to stay tuned to my YouTube channel, as I am always researching and updating my supplement process. Here's where you can get --> Organifi's Daily ... Watch Video »

Power of Intention (create a life you LOVE!)

Are you using the power of your mind to design the life you desire with intention? Today I'll walk you through 3 steps to create the life, the body, the relationship and financial landscape that you desire by using these empowering tools to manifest your intentions. I challenge you today to focus on: 1. People 2. Environment 3. ... Watch Video »

4 Fun Hacks to Make Sure You Drink a Gallon of Water Daily

A lot of health experts will tell you to drink 8 glasses of water per day but I don't think that's enough. You should really make drinking a gallon of water your daily goal. A gallon of water sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It looks like a lot too - 16 cups! There are very good reasons why you should drink a gallon a day, and as soon as ... Watch Video »

My Favorite Superfood (and detox tonic recipe)

I'm often asked "WHAT IS MY FAVORITE SUPERFOOD?" so I invite you to tune in as I share my very favorite one and a great recipe in this episode! If you love turmeric as much as I do, you'll want to try this Turmeric and Lemon Morning Elixir and my Golden Milk recipe too! Yours in health and happiness, Danette P.S. If you enjoyed this ... Watch Video »

Best Stretches to Start Your Day

Come and stretch with me for an incredible way to begin your day! Follow along as I walk you through my morning stretch routine. I'll show you exactly how I gently wake up my muscles every single day. Yours in health and happiness, Danette P.S. Please share this video with your friends who could use a good stretch and I'd love to ... Watch Video »

How Take Care of Your Skin While Out in the Sun

Are you taking the necessary steps to ensure your skin is safe and cared for? Join me for a VERY IMPORTANT topic as I not only introduce you to my favorite skin care products, but also SHARE MY SKIN SECRET that will probably shock you! Below are links to a couple of the products I mentioned in this video: Elta MD Colorscience ... Watch Video »